4 Most Overpriced and Unwearable Designer Bags We’ve Seen Online

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Designers often push the boundaries of fashion, sometimes creating purses with bizarre designs and outrageous price tags.

These designer bags are so ridiculous, they’ll leave you in stitches.These designer bags are so ridiculous they’ll leave you in stitches.

Here are some of the most unique designer bags we’ve come across that are actually being sold to the public.

1. Monster Baguette Bags

Fendi’s baguette-style bags usually have classic designs, but this version is both scary and ridiculous. Who would want to carry around a Furby-like furry bag everywhere? Unless it’s for Halloween.

Fendi Mini Monster Baguette BagFendi Mini Monster Baguette Bag, £2,275

2. Silk Satin Bear Bag

We love this label for its quirky aesthetics. The “Ted” bag is cute, but it should not be carried by anyone over seven years old.

Pink Charlotte Olympia Pink Charlotte Olympia “Ted” Bag, £395

3. Water Rat Shoulder Bag

While the bear bag is a bit cute, this next one is just gross. It’s a skinned pink water rat with dead eyes and a shoulder strap that looks like a leash.

But, hey, if you’ve always wanted a dead pet rat to lug around with you, this might be perfect.

Christopher Raeburn Quilted Walter Rat Shoulder BagChristopher Raeburn Quilted Water Rat Shoulder Bag, £192

4. Roadkill Handbag

This is the most outrageous of them all, not because of its construction but because of the crazy price tag, which is not surprising, considering it’s from The Row.

There might be a hint of ingenuity in the patchwork style on fur, but would you really pay $16,000 for something that looks like roadkill?

The Row Patchwork Fur BackpackThe Row Patchwork Fur Backpack, $16,900

If you find more designer bags that belong in this category, let us know!