Shoe Lover Quotes: 60 Signs You Are Obsessed With Shoes

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Some people are obsessed with books, others with music, while we here at Your Next Shoes have a serious obsession with footwear. Shoes are something we all collect, love, and feel passionate about.

But how would you know if your simple shoe hobby has already crossed the line and become a full-blown obsession?

These shoe quotes are gathered from the YNS Facebook fan page. Here are 60 signs that you are obsessed with shoes.

60 Shoe Quotes From Women Who Love Shoes

1. You are part of a shoe appreciate community such as, well, Your Next Shoes. 🙂
2. Your other words for shoes are “crack”, “drugs”, “true loves” or “stress relievers”.
3. Your boyfriend or husband complains about shoes filling up the majority of your Facebook wall.
4. You have a “shoe” category in your budget. Not “clothing or clothing/shoes/accessories”. Just “shoes”.
5. You buy clothes based on the shoes that you already have.

We Heart Shoes

6. You have owned or do own ALL the available colors of a certain shoe style.
7. You keep the box of every single pair you buy.
8. You remember every single one of your shoe purchases.
9. It pains you to have to throw or give away a pair from your shoe collection.
10. You know that how you organize your shoe closet is as important as the shoes themselves.

Mariah Carey's famous gilded shoe closet room floorMariah Carey’s famous gilded shoe closet room floor

11. You have lined up or camped out for shoes or a shoe sale.
12. You have lost sleep and/or felt regret over not buying a pair of shoes when you had the chance.
13. You have lost sleep because you were up admiring a new shoe purchase all night.
14. Your remedy to a bad day or a foul mood is to go shoe shopping.
15. Shoe shopping is scheduled into your monthly, weekly or even daily routine.
16. You remember a person by the shoes he or she was wearing.
17. You mark important events in your life such as starting a new job, reaching your targeted weight or birthdays by buying a commemorative pair of shoes.
18. You have developed a way of walking that doesn’t crease a new pair of shoes.
19. You have shoes you haven’t worn in years not because you don’t like them but because they’re buried deep within your massive shoe collection.
20. Your shoes must be included in every picture taken of you. Better yet, there should be a solo close-up shot of your shoes.

Professionally photographing shoesProfessionally photographing shoes

21. You gave your own dog the cold treatment after it chewed up a pair of your shoes.
22. You’ve tracked down and emailed a celebrity’s stylist just to find out the shoes that were spotted on that celebrity’s feet.
23. You’ve stopped a stranger on the street just to ask where she got the shoes she’s wearing.
24. You seriously considered a poker playing career after reading our article on Beth Shak.
25. You know Beth Shak as a Louboutin lover and not as a poker player.

Dog chewing shoesBad dog!

26. You have some type of display case for your special pairs. If not, you think installing one is a good idea.
27. You have shoes as your wallpaper.
28. You have bought and kept beautiful shoes even if they don’t fit.
29. You have shoe-related dreams.
30. You believe that Cinderella’s stepsisters were not after Prince Charming – they were really after the glass slipper.

Welded Stainless Steel Sculpture by Chinese designer Liao YibaiWelded Stainless Steel Sculpture by Chinese designer Liao Yibai

31. You just have to share with others every post you see about shoes online. – Caroline C.
32. You think your shoe addiction isn’t the problem, it’s other people who don’t understand who has the problem. – Tracey P.
33. You think shoes should be “displayed” and not “stored”. – Theresa Purple M.
34. You buy shoes first then worry about the matching outfit later. – Audrey C.

Anne Vyalitsyna (yes, Maroon 5's Adam Levine's girlfriend) who plays a shoe-obsessed fashionista in this editorial shot by Giampaolo Sgura for the second issue of Antidote magazineAnne Vyalitsyna (yes, Maroon 5’s Adam Levine’s girlfriend) who plays a shoe-obsessed fashionista in this editorial shot by Giampaolo Sgura for the second issue of Antidote magazine

35. Your obsession has rubbed off on your husband and he’s gotten so obsessed too that he’s built himself his own shoe closet. – Jen J.
36. Your boyfriend worries that you love shoes more than him. – Aleah H.
37. Your boyfriend has threatened that if you purchase one more pair of shoes, the relationship would be over. – Vivianne D. (By the way, the boyfriend says he did not do this)

38. When your husband tells you that you need to get rid of some of your shoes, you have a panic attack and say, “No, the shoes stay!” – Debra F.

39. You have, at least once in your life, have gone to bed with your shoes on. – Debbie H.
40. You sleep with a new pair of shoes on! – Princess J.

Anne Vyalitsyna Giampaolo Sgura Antidote Magazine

41. Your friends have considered holding an intervention for your shoe addiction…
42. … but you never want to be cured, don’t really think anything’s wrong and are actually even proud of it. – Sherise P.
43. You ask people to give you directions based on the location of shoe stores since you know exactly where they are. – Cynthia Loves-Shoes (Now that’s a surname we’d like to have)

44. You check the weather specifically because you want to make sure that the weather doesn’t ruin your shoes. – Nad N.

45. You’re so obsessed with shoes that as soon as you put on a new pair and they get dirty or scratched, you spend the rest of the day pissed off and you’re so desperate to get home to clean them or check if the scratch is too noticeable. – Eileen G.

Anne Vyalitsyna Giampaolo Sgura Antidote Magazine

46. You consider shoes like your best friends because unlike clothes that change with weight gain/weight loss, shoes stick with you through thick or thin. – Kristel F.

47. You measure foot surgery recovery by the length of time it takes you to get back into your heels. – Simone M.
48. You have considered hiring people to hold you up because, after having knee surgery, you can no longer walk in heels. – Juanita J.
49. You wear shoes that hurt and still WORK them despite the pain. – Brenda V.
50. When you take off your shoes, you walk on your tiptoes because you don’t want to walk on anything that could potentially ruin your shoes when you put them back on. – Black Bear

Anne Vyalitsyna Giampaolo Sgura Antidote Magazine

(Here are five gems from Jess F.) :

51. You know where every single girl at a party got her shoes from and how much they cost. – Jess F.
52. You know when new stock arrives at shoe stores and plan your shopping trips accordingly. – Jess F.
53. You see a shoe in the department stores and know exactly what designer pair has inspired it. – Jess F.

54. You’d rather save up for a pair of Louboutins than a small holiday. – Jess F.

55. You can never buy just one new pair because you don’t want to hurt the other shoes’ feelings. – Jess F.

Anne Vyalitsyna Giampaolo Sgura Antidote Magazine
56. Your FB profile pic is your current shoe obsession or latest shoe purchase. – Vera N.
57. Even when financially down, you find ways to feed your shoe addiction such as collecting flipflops. – Vanessa H.
58. Every time you see Mariah’s shoe closet (or any amazing shoe closet for that matter), you get butterflies inside. – Ashley Immyownboss

59. You believe a girl can never have too many shoes!

Anne Vyalitsyna Giampaolo Sgura Antidote Magazine

60. You want to be buried in a shoe coffin

CRAZY COFFINS: THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX!The firm of Vic Fearn and Company in Nottingham have become the 21st-century champions of the unusual with this unique range of coffins. Tailor-made to their clients’ specific requirements, the company’s unique coffins were recently exhibited in Germany in their own exhibition, Crazy Coffins. Maybe it’s time to skip off in a pink ballet shoe?


Think we missed a few more signs of a shoe obsession? Please let us know your favorite shoe quote!

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