Simon Cowell Wears Fringe Scarf With T-Shirt and Jeans

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We first learned of Simon Cowell when he was on American Idol. He reminded us of an obnoxious college professor — arrogant, very critical, and brutally honest.

Of course, outside of the show, Simon looks just like any other regular guy. He likes wearing t-shirts with his jeans and pretty much nothing else. Only yesterday was a bit different.

You see, Simon decided to throw on a scarf to go with his signature style. Much like his outfit, the accessory was nothing fancy. It was in solid grey, and it featured fringes at the ends.

Now the question we’d like to ask you is this: did Simon improve his “look” by using the neck warmer? Check out these pictures before you give us your answer:

Simon Cowell leaves his hotel to attend Britain's Got Talent Cardiff auditions on January 23, 2014Simon Cowell leaves his hotel to attend Britain’s Got Talent Cardiff auditions on January 23, 2014 (Credit: WENN)

Well, what can you say about Simon and his scarf? Does he look neat, or did the scarf do nothing at all?

You know what? We’re not huge fans of how he constantly pairs his jeans with pointy leather shoes (that seem way too formal for his casual attire), but yes, we think the scarf improved his outfit a little. He certainly got a bit of swag from it. Though, we also think he should have worn a jacket to go with.

On another note, his taste in scarves seems impeccable. That grey extra around his neck looks plush and expensive. We’re guessing it’s made of wool or cashmere.

It’s the perfect kind to gift a guy on any occasion. If you agree with us, then be sure to consider these options from Nordstrom and Ralph Lauren when you go shopping for a similar piece:

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