$4.99 Summer Shoes: 20 Amazing Heels and Sandals

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If money were no object, we would happily splurge thousands of dollars on summer shoes at Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue. In reality, we have mortgages to pay and need to watch how much we spend on shoes.

Luckily, we have discovered some fantastic summer shoes that new members at JustFab and ShoeDazzle can purchase from just $4.99. Which of the following pairs do you like the most?

1. Red, White and Blue ‘Frances’ Wedges, $9.99 at ShoeDazzle (Full Story)

Patriotic Wedges

2. Embellished Gladiator Sandals, $11.49 at ShoeDazzle (Full Story)

Embellished Gladiator Sandals

Embellished Gladiator Sandals

Embellished Gladiator Sandals Black

3. Jute Rope-Wrapped ‘Tinah’ Wedges, $9.99 at ShoeDazzle

Don’t you just love the pyramid stud accents on the wrapped ankle strap?

Jute Rope-Wrapped 'Tinah' Wedges

Jute Rope-Wrapped 'Tinah' Wedges

Jute Rope-Wrapped 'Tinah' Wedges

4. ‘Dunia’ Lace-Up Gladiator Sandals, $9.99 at ShoeDazzle

DUNIA Lace-Up Gladiator Sandals

DUNIA Lace-Up Gladiator Sandals in Black

5. Woven Lace ‘Janis’ Sandals, $9.99 at ShoeDazzle

We’re completely in love with the pretty tassel accents of these must-have laced-up heels.

Woven Lace 'Janis' Heels

Woven Lace 'Janis' Sandal

Woven Lace 'Janis' Sandals

Woven Lace 'Janis' Sandals in Black

Woven Lace 'Janis' Sandals in Taupe

6. Braided Platform and Knotted Toe Strap ‘Melva’ Sandals, $10.74 at ShoeDazzle

Braided Platform and Knotted Toe Strap 'Melva' Sandals

Braided Platform and Knotted Toe Strap 'Melva' Sandals

7. Lace-Up ‘Carmen’ Pumps, $9.99 at ShoeDazzle

Carmen Laced-up pump

Carmen Laced-up pumps

8. Linen Fabric ‘Meyers’ Booties, $9.99 at ShoeDazzle

Linen Fabric 'Meyers' Booties

Linen Fabric 'Meyers' Booties in Black

9. Wide Ankle Strap ‘Pearlette’ Pumps, $9.99 at ShoeDazzle

Pearlette wide ankle strap

Pearlette wide ankle strap in black

10. Floral ‘Savina’ Statement Wedges, $9.99 at ShoeDazzle

Make sure to style these colorful wedge sandals with a neutral outfit so they can really steal the show!

Floral 'Savina' Statement Wedge Sandals

Floral 'Savina' Statement Wedges

11. Open-Toe Heeled ‘Kamaly’ Sandals, $9.99 at ShoeDazzle

open-toe heeled sandal

open-toe heeled sandals

12. Embroidered Pattern ‘ Kamaria’ Lace-Up Heels, $10.74 at ShoeDazzle

Embroidered Pattern Lace-Up Heel

Embroidered Pattern Lace-Up Heels

13. Flat ‘Kyson’ Sandals With Metallic Straps, $9.99 at ShoeDazzle

Flat Sandals With Metallic Straps in Black

Flat Sandals With Metallic Straps

14. Tribal Pattern ‘Evelyn’ Sandals With Studded Fringe Embellishments, $9.99 at ShoeDazzle

Studded Fringe Embellishments

15. T-Strap ‘Candice’ Flat Sandals With Pearls and Rhinestones, $7.49 at ShoeDazzle

T-strap embellished with pearls and rhinestones

16. Crochet Detailing ‘Bexen’ Heels, $9.99 at JustFab

Bexen Heels


17. Cutout Detailing ‘Briley’ Heels, $7.49 at ShoeDazzle

Briley Heels in Bordeaux


Cutout Detailing 'Briley' Heels Bordeaux

Cutout Detailing 'Briley' Heels

18. Lace-Up ‘Raenetta’ Heels With Tassel Accents, $9.99 at ShoeDazzle

Raenetta Heels

Raenetta Red Heels in Black

Raenetta Red Heels in Tan

Raenetta Red Heels Tan

Raenetta Red Heels

Raenetta Sandals


19. Rhinestone-Embellished ‘Rosabel’ Flat Sandals, $4.99 at JustFab

Rosabel Sandals Detail

Rosabel Sandals in Cognac

Rosabel Sandals


20. Sultry and Sassy ‘Ximena’ Stiletto Booties, $10.74 at JustFab


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