Cheap & Trendy: The 20 Hottest Summer Shoes of July

Earlier this summer we showed you 20 amazing summer shoes that can be purchased from just $4.99. Since then, we’ve discovered many more amazing shoes that we can’t wait to share with you.

New members at JustFab and ShoeDazzle can purchase many of these heels and sandals for just $9.99. Without further ado, please have a look at the following summer styles and let us know which pair of shoes you like the most!

1. ‘Analy’ Stiletto Heel with Skin-Baring Cutouts, $10.74 at ShoeDazzle (New VIP Offer)

Analy Stiletto Heels

Analy Stiletto Heels in Bordeaux

Analy Stiletto Sandals

2. ‘Syden’ Stacked Heel Booties, $9.99 at JustFab (New VIP Offer)

Syden Stacked Heel Booties

3. ‘Cinthya’ Lock Accented Pumps, $9.99 at JustFab and ShoeDazzle (New VIP Offer)

'Cinthya' Lock Accented Pumps

Cinthya Lock Accented Pumps

Cinthya padlock charm detail black

Cinthya padlock charm detail

4. ‘Jaslene’ Pump with Fun Little Lock and Key Charms, $9.99 at JustFab (New VIP Offer)

Jaslene Lock Pumps

5. ‘Paisley’ Stacked Wood Platform Wedges, $9.99 at ShoeDazzle (New VIP Offer)

'Paisley' Stacked Wood Platform Wedge

'Paisley' Stacked Wood Platform Wedges Brown

'Paisley' Stacked Wood Platform Wedges White

'Paisley' Stacked Wood Platform Wedges

6. Black Suede ‘Altramarea’ Sandals, €55.30 at Scarpami

Black Suede 'Altramarea' Sandals

7. Cork ‘Tiffany’ Platform Wedges, €59.00 at Scarpami

Cork wedge Scarpami Tiffany Black

Cork wedge Scarpami Tiffany Nude

Cork wedge Scarpami Tiffany White

Cork wedge Scarpami Tiffany

8. Valuable Assets Platform Heels, $23.56 at GoJane

Valuable Assets Platform Heels

9. “Lola” by Nelly Bernal, $115 at Blamer Shoes

Lola by Nelly Bernal Heels

Lola by Nelly Bernal

10. Pink Liliana ‘Destiny’ Wedges, $15.99 at Blamer Shoes

Pink Liliana 'Destiny' Wedges

11. Gold Plated Privileged ‘Bess’ Heels, $60-$120 at Amazon and Blamer Shoes

Privileged Bess Fuchsia

Privileged Bess

12. ‘Pacco’ Heels by Nelly B, $79.99 at Blamer Shoes

Pacco by Nelly B Black Heels

Pacco by Nelly B Fuchsia Heels

Pacco by Nelly B Heels

13. ‘Dera’ Platform Wedges, $34.99 at Blamer Shoes

Dera Wedges

Orange Dera Wedges

14. ‘Honeycomb’ Cutout Peep Toe Lace Up Heels, $29.99 at Blamer Shoes

Honeycomb Cutout Peep Toe Lace Up Heel

Honeycomb Cutout Peep Toe Lace Up Heels

15. ‘Kourtney’ Strappy Platform Wedges, $24.99 at Blamer Shoes

'Kourtney' Strappy Platform Wedges

16. ‘Solange’ Platform Booties, $29.99 at Blamer Shoes

Solange Black Heels

Solange Blue Heels

17. ‘Odina’ Heels with Turnlock Closure, $9.99 at ShoeDazzle (New VIP Offer)

'Odina' Heels with Turnlock Closure Black

'Odina' Heels with Turnlock Closure Cinnamon

'Odina' Heels with Turnlock Closure

18. ‘Amarin’ Peep-Toe Booties, $9.99 at ShoeDazzle (New VIP Offer)

AMARIN Peep-Toe Booties Brown

AMARIN Peep-Toe Booties

19. ‘Tonna’ Year-Round Booties, $9.99 at ShoeDazzle (New VIP Offer)

Tonna year-round bootie

Tonna year-round booties

20. Scalloped Edge ‘Mayri’ Heels with Pretty Lasercuts, $9.99 at ShoeDazzle (New VIP Offer)

Scalloped Edge 'Mayri' Heel

Scalloped Edge 'Mayri' Heels

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