10 Amazing New January Shoes From ShoeDazzle

We’ve featured plenty of new arrivals from ShoeDazzle on our Facebook page throughout the month. Since January wraps up today, we thought that we should recap some of the best new styles that we’ve seen so far in 2013.

The beauty of ShoeDazzle is that almost all of their heels can be had for less than $100 (the designer brands, for example), and most are still less than $40! If you become a V.I.P. member, you’ll receive free shipping on any order, too!

Check out the following 10 flirty, edgy, and modern new arrivals from ShoeDazzle, and tell us which pair you’d make your next shoes!

WHITNEY_GREENMULTI_B_SIDE-detailWhitney, $42.95

WHITNEY_PURPLEMULTI_B_SIDE-detailWhitney, $42.95

AINE_GREY_A_F3Q-hero-detailAine, $42.95

JAUNT_LEOPARD_A_F3Q-hero-detailJaunt, $49.95

DORI_BLACK_B_F3Q-detailDori, $99

DORI_BLUE_B_F3Q-detailDori, $99

DORI_TAN_B_F3Q-detailDori, $99

DORI_WINE_B_F3Q-detailDori, $99

MAUDE_BLACK_A_F3Q-hero-detailMaude, $39.95

MAUDE_FUCHSIA_A_F3Q-hero-detailMaude, $39.95

TASHA_BLACK_B_SIDE-original Tasha, $39.95

TASHA_BLUE_B_SIDE-originalTasha, $39.95

DivaliciousDivalicious, $44.95

Divalicious ShoeDazzleDivalicious, $44.95

MARISCA_BLACK_A_F3Q-hero-originalMarisca, $42.95

MARISCA_BLUSH_A_F3Q-hero-originalMarisca, $42.95

KAYDRA_BLACK_B_SIDE-detailKaydra, $58.95

KAYDRA_RED_B_SIDE-detailKaydra, $58.95

SORCHA_BLACK_A_F3Q-hero-original (1)Sorcha, $44.95

SORCHA_NUDE_A_F3Q-hero-originalSorcha, $44.95

SORCHA_RED_A_F3Q-hero-originalSorcha, $44.95

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