Is JustFab Legit? The Truth About the Subscription Shoe Service

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JustFab is an online subscription footwear and accessories retailer owned by TechStyle Fashion Group. Other brands in the same group include Kim Kardashian’s ShoeDazzle and Kate Hudson’s Fabletics.

Actress Jamie Chung attends the JustFab Apparel Launch EventActress Jamie Chung attends the JustFab Apparel Launch Event at Sunset Tower on April 1, 2015, in West Hollywood, California (Credit: INFphoto)

Pretty much every woman we know has a weakness for shopping and fashion. Who doesn’t love shoes, clothes, and accessories?

Especially when they are affordable, the right outfit can make a statement and show your personality. With the current boom of online shopping that keeps increasing yearly, women try to find new options to buy from as soon as new stores open because it’s easier than going to an actual store.

Why JustFab Stands Out

One of these online stores is the popular website JustFab. They sell their “exclusive labels through a unique combination of proprietary technology, on-trend design, integrated ROI-based media, and membership commerce.”

The Catch: VIP Membership

This last point is one of the things we will focus on today. JustFab offers an extensive catalog of products at EXTREMELY low prices.

They are so low that they sound too good to be true. So, what’s the catch? You have to pay a monthly VIP membership subscription of $49.95 to access the offers shown on their website.

Customized Picks and Flexible Options

Not only that, but they promise that their suggested monthly picks are customized according to your style after you take some quizzes about your preferred trends and measurements.

One of the other perks they offer is the “Skip the Month” option. This means that if you don’t like any of the products or don’t feel like buying anything for whatever reason, you can select “Skip the Month,” and you won’t be charged for that month.

But WARNING! You have to do it by the 5th of the month. If you do it after that, you will be charged $49.95, a credit towards your next purchase, and it never expires. They also offer free returns and exchanges.

Controversy and Customer Complaints

While the whole membership thing doesn’t sound too bad considering the low prices of the products, JustFab has been surrounded by controversy in the last years, to the point where their case was taken to federal courts.

The reason? According to BuzzFeed News, a pile of customer complaints dating back to 2004.

The complaints are mainly based on “exploiting their credit card information and sticking them with unwanted charges, as well as false advertisement. ”

This sounds like everyone’s nightmare, especially since there are thousands of cases, and canceling the subscription takes long phone calls.

This whole controversy, of course, makes people suspicious, and they can’t help but wonder:

JustFab’s Legitimacy and Celebrity Endorsements

Well, long story short, it is a legit company and website. Customers get their products, but the issues come with the monthly subscription itself, and the company says these complaints are simply a tiny minority of customers.

Considering they claim to have over 5 million users, it is understandable that there will be a considerable number of unhappy customers.

They have collaborated with celebrities like Kelly Rowland, Demi Lovato, Maddie Ziegler, Rita Ora, and Rihanna’s lingerie company, Savage x Fenty.

These celebrities probably wouldn’t risk their reputation with a company that is a complete scam.

“I partnered with JustFab to make sure that women everywhere feel confident and empowered this fall. I want this collection to make women feel unstoppable,” Kelly Rowland said.

Terms of Service and Customer Service

There is no doubt that their monthly subscription terms, a.k.a. VIP membership, are somewhat shady, especially considering you only have five days to “Skip the month.”

If you decide to join, you should thoroughly read their terms of service and maybe even contact customer service so they can answer any questions you may have in-depth.

JustFab Questions and Answers

Can you buy from JustFab without a membership?You do not need a VIP Member to buy from JustFab, but prices will generally be higher. You need to be a regular member to purchase, but it's free and with no obligation to purchase anything.
Are ShoeDazzle and JustFab the same?Both companies are owned by TechStyle Fashion Group, an online subscription fashion retailer that also operates a number of other brands including Fabletics.
How do I skip the month on JustFab?Simply visit your online Boutique (desktop) or My Account (mobile) between the 1st and the 5th of the month and select the Skip This Month option. From the mobile app, tap on the “Account” tab and then “Account Info.” Scroll to the bottom of the page to skip the month.
How much is JustFab a month?If you don’t make a purchase or log into your account to ‘Skip the Month’ by the 5th, your credit card will be charged $49.95 for a member credit on the 6th until you cancel.
Can you cancel a JustFab membership?You may cancel your JustFab VIP Membership at any time by calling 1-866-337-0906.
Who is the owner of JustFab?The website is owned by TechStyle Fashion Group, which was formerly JustFab Inc.
Where is JustFab located?The company is based in El Segundo, California.
Does JustFab sell men's shoes?The company added a men's line in 2015, but as of 2019, JustFab no longer sells shoes for men.
Does Kimora Lee Simmons own JustFab?No, she does not own JustFab. While previously the creative director and president of JustFab, Kimora Lee Simmons ended her involvement with the company in May 2015.

Below, you’ll find 10 of our favorite boots, heels, sandals, and shoes from the popular membership site. Don’t forget to read the reviews from other members before making your purchase decision.

JustFab Product Highlights

1. White Floral Lena Heels, $10

White Floral 'Lena' Heels

2. Bold & Blue Sivan Heels, $10

Bold & Blue 'Sivan' Heels

3. Selinia Strappy Heels, $10

'Selinia' Strappy Heels

4. Rhinestone Dascia Sandals, $10

Rhinestone 'Dascia' Sandals

5. Andreja Heeled Sandals, $10

'Andreja' Heeled Sandals

'Andreja' Heeled Sandals

A sassy and strappy heeled sandal with an open back and lace back closure

A sassy and strappy heeled sandal with an open back and lace back closure

A sassy and strappy heeled sandal with an open back and lace back closure

6. Metallic Runa Oxfords, $10

Silver Metallic Oxfords

7. Olive Sansa Booties, $10

Olive 'Sansa' Booties

8. Olive Cora Booties, $10

Olive 'Cora' Booties

9. Lace-Up Devorah Booties, $10

Lace-Up 'Devorah' Booties

10. Platform Maja Heels, $10

Platform 'Maja' Heels