3 Bloggers Show How to Create a ’70s Look with a Pair of Boots

People keep coming back to the style and culture of the 1970s because it was a time when fashion icons came from all areas of the entertainment biz. You have models like Angelica Huston and Cheryl Tiegs, musicians like Stevie Nicks and Debbie Harry, actresses like Farah Fawcett and Faye Dunaway, and even art house muses like Edie Sedgwick and Nico.

As the style bloggers below show us, with a great pair of boots, you can recreate this stellar decade with key pieces you can easily find in your own wardrobe — or maybe your parents’.

1. Boots + Music Icons = Edgy Chic

Marlenka, a Polish blogger, seems to have the ’70s way down pat with her penchant for vintage t-shirts of iconic musicians matched with high-heeled boots resounding throughout her blog, The Girl Never Gets Older. While this outfit actually features a recreation of the ’86 t-shirt from The Ozzy tour, her furry coat, wide-brimmed hat, and high-heeled platform boots make this look decidedly ’70s.

The Girl Never Gets Older

Try this look with another personality who’s into the same era. Designer/stylist Rachel Zoe’s London platform booties are sleek and high enough for the job.

Rachel Zoe London Platform BootiesRachel Zoe London Platform Booties, $495

2. Laidback Style for Everyday Hip

Eliana Masgalos looks positively music-festival-ready in this outfit. The fashion blogger explains in her blog, The Style Sketchbook, how she styles a printed tee she bought in California with a pair of skinny pants, sleek black boots, and a suede fringed jacket. The short-brimmed hat and the studded bowling bag gave an especially nice touch.

Style Sketchbook

The sleek and modern style of Alexander Wang is perfect to pull off this look. Check out his Anouch Chelsea booties with Nickel Hardware, which feature interesting sliced heels.

Alexander Wang Anouck Chelsea Booties with Nickel HardwareAlexander Wang Anouck Chelsea Booties with Nickel Hardware, $595

3. Tough Girl: Embellished Sneakers and a Skirt

Style blogger Brae of Montana has a generally well-rounded sense of style, as seen in her blog, Ravishingly. In this outfit, we sense a hint of Joan Jett’s laidback style combined with feminine items, such as a short skirt and a wide-brimmed hat.


Jeffrey Campbell is another one of those designers who have a preference for the funky, and so the Edea stud wedge sneakers are just perfect to pull off this look.

Jeffrey Campbell Edea Stud Wedge SneakersJeffrey Campbell Edea Stud Wedge Sneakers, $225

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