The Invisible Shoes are Yours for the Price of $4,000

All we can say is WOW.

This is the type of shoe that you never expect to come into production but thanks to Solestruck‘s unrelenting quest to find and promote new shoe designers, these Andreia Chaves invisible shoes that already had our jaws dropping since two years back are now available to all of us.

Well, maybe not all of us since these things cost a staggering $4,000, but if you’re a shoe fanatic and do have that kind of money lying around, then please consider dropping them on these.

We need more art to see and appreciate in this world, don’t you agree? Most especially if they’re in the form of shoes!

For $4,000, you get these made-to-order faceted mirror wedge booties that are handmade in Italy by the designer Andreia Chaves herself:

Andreia Chaves invisible shoes, $3,995.95

Looks like they solved the comfort issue by putting a pump-shaped leather lining inside the shoe.

If you don’t recognize the shoes above as the invisible shoes from before, here’s what they looked like when they were still but a design concept:

Here are they now as proper wearable shoes and as worn by real human beings:

They also come in this “naked” variation. You can think of this as looking at the invisible shoes if you had x-ray vision:

Andreia Chaves naked shoes, $2,795.95

The invisible shoes actually kind of remind us of the Gareth Pugh Starship Enterprise heels Beyonce wore in her “Run the World (Girls)” video. The big difference is, while Beyonce’s shoes remain to be just “music video shoes”, Solestruck made the invisible shoes actually accessible to us.

Do the damage to your bank account and get these shoes made-to-order (with your name on them if you want) at Solestruck.

Credit: Andreia Chaves, Fernando Biagioni, Solestruck

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