Britney Spears’ Work Bitch Video Is All Bondage Drama and Heels

Have you seen Britney Spears’ “Work Bitch” video?

The former teen-pop sensation sure channeled a whole lot of dominatrix drama for her latest single. If you haven’t seen it yet, we’ve placed the video at the end of this article.

In it, you’ll find Britney doing her signature moves while dressed in glittery underwear and tight revealing outfits. Of course, once you become immune to the beat and all the half-nakedness, you will then notice a couple of other things, like the fancy Lamborghini, her Britney Spears fragrance — Fantasy Twist (in a dazzling pink perfume bottle), and, of course, the stunning shoes!

britney-spears-work-bitch-video-fantasy-twist-perfumeBritney’s Fantasy Twist fragrance making a cameo in the video

Did you catch the crystal-encrusted Louboutins? How about the studded sneaker wedges she slipped into when she danced with her minions in the desert? Actually, she wore a couple of other standout heels in the video; allow us to enumerate them for you. Let’s start with her red bottoms. Obviously, even from a distance, you can already tell they’re the crystal-encrusted Daffodile pumps.

britney-spears-work-bitch-video-christian-louboutin-pumps-lamborghiniA view of the Lamborghini and Britney Spears’ Christian Louboutin pumps

As you know, the Daffodiles are super sky high. Heels for these shoes run at 6.5 inches tall. The platforms are also just as exaggerated — a good 2.5 inches thick. Britney’s pair isn’t available online, but you can score the candy green and champagne versions if you’re desperate to get your hands on a pair.

christian-louboutin-strassed-daffodile-160-candy-greenChristian Louboutin Crystal-Embellished Daffodile 160 mm Pumps in Candy Green, $6,395

christian-louboutin-strassed-daffodile-160-champagneChristian Louboutin Crystal-Embellished Daffodile 160 mm Pumps in Champagne, $6,395

Brit’s black sneaker wedges from the scene below were hard to decipher at first, but thanks to a blurry screen shot, we were able to ID the pair. The shoes are by Giuseppe Zanotti. They’re studded and trimmed with zipper details at the front and back of each shoe. They’re also dressier and edgier in design compared with sneaks from Isabel Marant and Ash.


britney-spears-work-bitch-video-sneaker-wedges-giuseppe-zanottiBritney Spears wearing Giuseppe Zanotti sneaker wedges as she dances in the desert

giuseppe-zanotti-studded-sneaker-wedgesGiuseppe Zanotti Studded Sneaker Wedges, $1,025

Britney’s Planet Hollywood scene will show you a peek at the cap-toe pumps she wore underneath her wide-leg trousers. They’re actually leopard-print pumps that feature blue suede pointy toe caps. And like the sneakers, they’re also from Giuseppe Zanotti (Britney wore the shoes with black stockings).

britney-spears-work-bitch-video-blue-toe-cap-lace-heels-pumpsBritney plugging her (future) gig at Planet Hollywood while showing off her Giuseppe Zanotti cap-toe pumps

giuseppe-zanotti-leopard-print-pumps-with-blue-toecapsGiuseppe Zanotti Leopard-Print Pumps, $725

Aside from the catty-printed heels, Brit also sported the gold version of the same style in another scene of the video. Both Giuseppe Zanotti pumps feature pointed toes and 4-inch-tall wrapped heels. While the former (pair) is crafted from calf hair and suede, the latter is made of metallic mirror leather.

giuseppe-zanotti-gold-pumpsGiuseppe Zanotti Metallic Gold Pumps, $650

britney-spears-work-bitch-video-gold-pumps-bar-sceneBritney dancing on the table while wearing gold Giuseppe Zanotti pumps

That said, there were a couple of other heels we couldn’t identify, such as the silver ankle-strap sandals she wore with the pink gown (as she danced with the sharks) and the tasseled heels she slipped into for the second desert scene.

britney-spears-work-bitch-video-ankle-strap-sandals-sharks-sceneBritney dancing with the sharks!

britney-spears-work-bitch-video-in-tasseled-ankle-strap-pumpsBritney Spears wearing tasseled ankle-strap heels for a bondage scene in the desert

Now that we’ve covered Britney’s lust-worthy collection of footwear from the music video, what are your thoughts on the video itself? Do you think it’s going to be a hit? Maybe as big as Miley’s “Wrecking Ball” video?

Oh, before we forget, allow us to leave you with these crazy pumps that we also spotted in the video. These are seriously outrageous, yet somehow, we see Lady Gaga’s name written all over them. Any idea who made these shoes?

britney spears work bitch video exaggerated spine heelsA snapshot of the crazy “spinal cord” heels we saw in the video

Credit: Vevo
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