How to Safely and Quickly Remove Stains from Ugg Boots

Don’t you sometimes feel sooo comfortable in your ugg boots that you just want to live in them forever? This is the reason why so many people still wear uggs despite their ugg-ly looks.

However, this also means that it’s very, very easy to get too comfortable in them. No matter how careful you are while wearing your ugg boots, you’re bound to get them scuffed, marked, and dirtied.

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Don’t worry about it though – here at Your Next Shoes, we’ve listed down some tips on how to remove different kinds of stains from your uggs. So go ahead and wear your favorite booties with abandon and as much as you like – these stain removal procedures were gathered from ugg boot owners who have tried, tested and generously shared these tips with everyone else.

Here are ways on how to remove stains from your uggs, arranged according to difficulty:

1. Water Marks

If some clean water from rain or wet snow got into your boots, it’s best to wash the entire boots instead of waiting for them to dry. Wet (not soak!) the boots in cold water until the boots are evenly wet. Hang them on a boot stand or stuff them with a rolled towel, place away from direct heat, and wait until they are fully dry before storing or wearing.

2. Scuff Marks

Rub the scuffed area with a clean towel or an old toothbrush to remove any loose dirt. Use a spot eraser to “lift” the dry stains out of the nap. Use a suede brush to brush the entire boot to get a clean, even finish.

3. Dirt and Mud Stains

If the stains have dried, brush out as much as you can with a clean towel or an old toothbrush. Afterwards, wet them in cold water and shampoo them with a detergent made for leather. Shake off any excess water and dry following the directions indicated in #1.

4. Oil Stains

If you can wait, put a layer of baby powder on the oil stain and let it sit for a few days. Repeat the process until stain is unnoticeable. For really in there oil stains, you’ll need a spot eraser and some elbow grease to get most of the oil stain out, then use the baby powder trick to get the rest of it.

5. Salt Stains

Salt stains are the most difficult to remove. Home remedies like water and vinegar will work, but they will also damage and discolor the suede on your ugg boots. It’s best to bring your uggs to a professional cleaner if they’ve been stained with salt marks.

Make sure to watch the official cleaning instruction video from UGG Australia that provides helpful tips on how to clean and protect your UGG boots.

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