Entertain Your Inner Child: 20 Unique and Quirky Shoes

We’re not sure what to think of these unique and quirky shoes that we found at Modcloth today. If you’re still looking for your next Halloween shoes, perhaps we’ve found the perfect pair for you!

1. ‘Unicorn Light My Life’ Slippers, $42.95 at Amazon

Illuminate your path – and maybe even your heart – by snuggling your feet into these light-up slippers. Fashioned into twin unicorns that glow from within in response to your movements, these battery-powered beauties satisfy your want for whimsy in a most ‘de-light-ful’ way!

'Unicorn Light My Life' Slippers

'Unicorn Light My Life' Slippers

'Unicorn Light My Life' Slippers

'Unicorn Light My Life' Slippers

2. Narwhal USB Heated Footwarmers Slippers, $36.95 – $39.99 at Amazon

You’re always in the mood for cuddling up, especially with these narwhal-shaped foot warmers. Powered by your Mac or PC through an included USB cord to keep your toes toasty and warm, these adorable plush slippers flaunt the smiling, horn-accented face and body of a unicorn of the sea, while gripping dots on the bottom ensure safe, slip-free steps. Cozy and cute get along swimmingly when it comes to this precious pair!

Narwhal USB Heated Footwarmers Slippers

Narwhal USB Heated Footwarmers Slippers

Narwhal USB Heated Footwarmers Slippers

Narwhal USB Heated Footwarmers Slippers

Narwhal USB Heated Footwarmers Slippers

3. Marshmallow Out USB Foot Warmers, $34.99 – $39.99 at Amazon

Treat yourself to toasty toes with these sweet slippers that warm your feet with the power of your computer. Whether they’re camped out beneath your desk or chillin’ beside the couch, these plush pals keep you cabin-cozy while they ooze with adorable details, including their grinning graham cracker faces, irresistible chocolate drizzle detail, soft, pillowy, footbeds, and snack-run-ready soles with conveniently grippy dots. Just connect the included USB cord to your Mac or PC, and this plug-and-‘stay’ set will melt your heart and make your day!

Marshmallow Out USB Foot Warmers

Marshmallow Out USB Foot Warmers

Marshmallow Out USB Foot Warmers

4. Swedish Hasbeens ‘Arts and Letters’ Leather Heel in Carmine, $249.99

These classic clogs pair perfectly with your eloquent approach to life. Their versatile, deep red leather makes a fine accompaniment to an assortment of looks, so buckle on the ankle harnesses of these platforms and start strutting their wood heels around campus.

Swedish Hasbeens 'Arts and Letters' Leather Heel in Carmine

5. Melissa Shoes ‘Bait and Switch’ It Up Heel, $149.99

Just when you thought these beige and black platforms couldn’t get any better, you see there’s more to this pair than first meets the eye. Made from vegan, 100% recyclable materials, this open-toed and elasticized-back pair allows you to show off both your fashionista and eco-friendly sides – what a nice surprise!

Melissa Shoes 'Bait and Switch' It Up Heel

6. Ruby Shoo ‘Bow Where the Wind Blows’ Heels, $59.81 – $79.25 at Amazon

Don’t think too hard – just slip into these red pumps and let yourself wander. Made from a floral brocade fabric, fancied up with faux-suede details, and topped with sharp bows on the toes, this heeled pair is sure to inspire an entertaining excursion.

Ruby Shoo 'Bow Where the Wind Blows' Heels

7. ‘For Crayon Out Loud’ Bootie, $129.99

Color outside the lines of chic fashion by slipping into these black booties! The pointed toes of this faux-suede pair add a polished vibe to your ensemble, while their playful rainbow heels add a dose of fun to the mix, keeping your style proclamation perfectly balanced.

'For Crayon Out Loud' Bootie

'For Crayon Out Loud' Bootie

8. Ruby Shoo ‘Garden Party Glam’ Heel in Navy, $79.99

Vibrantly sketched vines in shades of navy, bright green, and blooming pink pop on the cream-colored background of this garden-party-perfect heel! Boasting coral and rose scalloped trim and a coordinating lace closure touting tassels, these stacked heels will see that your style is always in full bloom!

Ruby Shoo 'Garden Party Glam' Heel in Navy

9. Luxe-y Lady Heels in Black and White, $55.99

If you’ve been searching for the perfect pair of pumps, then you’re in luck! Flaunting these black-and-white heels is the chance of a lifetime, for their glossy silhouette, T-straps, faux-buttons, and bow-topped toes design personify a fortune of fashionable finds!

Luxe-y Lady Heels in Black and White

10. ‘More Showers To Ya!’ Rain Boot in Umbrellas, $41.99

With these grey rain boots in your wardrobe, you won’t dread the drizzle – you’ll look forward to it! Colorfully bedecked in bright umbrellas and patterned clouds, these waterproof kicks give your looks the strength to thrive in the stormiest weather.

'More Showers To Ya!' Rain Boot in Umbrellas

11. Dr. Martens ‘More Turtle Power to You’ Leather Boots, $149.99 at Amazon

Come out of your shell with these boots from the Dr. Martens X Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Collection. With flexible leather uppers accented by splashes of glow-in-the-dark goo and your favorite toon turtles, these green boots are the perfect pairing for pizza, pals, and your ‘sensei-tional’ look, dude!

Dr. Martens 'More Turtle Power to You' Leather Boots

Dr. Martens 'More Turtle Power to You' Leather Boots

12. Ruby Shoo ‘Musical Maven’ Heel in Navy, $65.52 – $84.74 at Amazon

Continue shining after the curtains fall by wearing these T-strap heels in celebration of opening night! The star of the after-party, these retro, navy pumps showcase delicate cutouts, bright red trim, and white dots, creating a look that fills the room with delighted praise.

Ruby Shoo 'Musical Maven' Heel in Navy

Ruby Shoo 'Musical Maven' Heel in Navy

13. Dr. Martens ‘Off to a Good Art’ Leather Boots, $149.99

Black leather boots as bold as these deserve to have outfits revolve around their distinct profile. In an homage to William Hogarth’s “The Rake’s Progress”, these Dr. Martens richly depict four out of the eight paintings in a collaboration with the Sir John Soane’s Museum. Once you step out in their treaded soles, you’ll know the day will be a masterpiece!

Dr. Martens Off to a Good Art Leather Boots

14. Matisse ‘Oh for Heaven’s Sleek’ Boots, $138.99

With their chic silhouette and abstract floral print, these black boots are almost too good to be true. Sharp heels and smooth leather uppers further detail this radically magical pair, easily making them the answer to all of your fashion prayers.

Matisse 'Oh for Heaven's Sleek' Boots

15. Irregular Choice ‘Return of the Jaunty’ Sneakers, $223.99 at Amazon and Modcloth

Return fashionable footwear to the galaxy by striding out in these hi-top sneakers from Irregular Choice. Each stellar step of this black, Star Wars-themed pair – illuminated by flashing lights in each sole – brings style to this world and beyond. With sugar skull-inspired Darth Vader tongues, glittery-and-iridescent purple patches, and zipper pockets in which to store movie ticket stubs, these rebellious runners attract admiration from fellow fans.

Irregular Choice 'Return of the Jaunty' Sneakers

16. Irregular Choice ‘The Frills are Alive’ Booties, $159.99

With all of their effervescent elements, these grey booties by Irregular Choice will certainly be noticed! With gold-touched brocade uppers, herringbone flower appliques, and smoky, metallic spike heels, one thing is certain – this haute pair and all of its chic components are nothing short of show-stopping!

Irregular Choice 'The Frills are Alive' Booties

Irregular Choice 'The Frills are Alive' Booties

17. ‘Wowza ‘Bout That?’ Heel, $39.99

Though your bold styling has become expected of you, that doesn’t mean your red heels won’t still impress! Hugged with a velvety faux-suede finish, gathered around the toe caps, and fastened with chic circular buckles, these pumps keep the spotlight right where it belongs – on you!

'Wowza 'Bout That?' Heel

18. Iron Fist ‘Don’t Need No Body Else’ Boots, $49.99

When you’re kicking back on the weekend, your needs are few – but wearing these black and white boots is a must! Crafted with a Fair-Isle-inspired print that includes the occasional skull, this vegan pair from Iron Fist is the ‘soul’ requirement for keeping your toes extra-toasty.

Iron Fist 'Don't Need No Body Else' Boots

19. Dr. Martens ‘Skelly’ 8-Eye Boots, $139.99

Hold on, there’s more to these Dr. Martens than the fact that they’re seriously stylish? Of course there is! These black boots rock the classic leather uppers and treaded soles that all Docs do, and then then it gets better with a green, glow-in-the-dark skeletal design, making this pair a step above the rest!

Dr. Martens 'Skelly' 8-Eye Boots

Dr. Martens 'Skelly' 8-Eye Boots

20. Banned ‘Mods and Ends’ Boots, $119.99

Just when you thought your eclectic footwear rotation was at the top of its curation, these go-go boots make themselves known – and they must join your caboodle! Irresistibly retro with red petals, buttons, and glossy, angular heels, these black and white stunners from Banned perfectly complete your collection.

Banned 'Mods and Ends' Boots

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