5 Shoe Questions to Vickie Laliotis of “Adventures in Fashion”

Here’s a regular girl doing quite fabulously exceptional in the fashion blogging world. Not only does she have a popular site called Adventures in Fashion – a diary of her daily outfits and more, but her unique style has earned her a lot of followers, catching the eyes of many including one big magazine called Teen Vogue!

Vickie Laliotis of Adventures in Fashion

Vickie Laliotis of Adventures in FashionVickie Laliotis of Adventures in Fashion

Meet Vickie Laliotis, a fashionable female who loves to mix and match pieces and does it with flair, turning even the most unexpected pairings into oh-so chic ensembles. It’s hard to put a name to her “look” because she could easily switch from preppy to edgy to girly the next, but one thing we know is that her style is uniquely her own and that’s why she stands out.

Perhaps another thing to note about this chic blogger is her take on shoes. She believes in comfort and wearability first, which is not usually the case for most shoe lovers. In a way, she is one proof that you CAN look absolutely gorgeous without having to sacrifice those two.

Here’s our quick Q & A with Vicki. To know more about her and to check out more of her fabulous looks, simply visit her blog:

5 Questions to Vickie Laliotis of “Adventures in Fashion”

Can you tell us a little about your blog and its focus?

I started Adventures In Fashion in 2009 as a creative outlet. I was working a less-than-inspiring job at the time, and blogging about fashion became my escape. I couldn’t believe how many like-minded people I connected with, and some even become close personal friends! I’ve narrowed my focus a lot since those early days, and now I mainly blog about my personal style. It’s unbelievable how fun and satisfying it is to document something as simple as daily outfits!

Vickie Laliotis mixing pieces with flairVickie Laliotis mixing pieces with flair

What kind of shoes do you like (boots, pumps, etc) and do you have a favorite pair?

Comfort is super important to me, so I’m a big fan of wearing flats. Even though I wear my share of heels, they have to be super comfy and wearable… My favorite footwear are either loafers or boots, and I tend to wear a lot of oxfords as well. My Forever 21 leopard print loafers were by far my favorite (and cheapest!) purchase this fall, with my black Michael Kors riding boots coming in at a close second… I’m all about the high-low range!

Vickie's leopard print loafers from Forever 21Vickie’s leopard print loafers from Forever 21

Vickie's boots from Micheal KorsVickie’s boots from Micheal Kors

What shoes are you planning to buy next?

Michael Kors has a great studded holiday boot coming out that has my name on it, and every time I pop into Zara my heart pitter patters over their incredible heel selection… I might have to break down and buy a new pair (and some insoles!) for New Years.

MICHAEL Michael Kors Rock n Roll Boot, $325

MICHAEL Michael Kors Rock n Roll Boot

If we were to take a look at all your shoes, what do you think will it say about you?

If my shoes could talk, I think they would say that I like to play with color and shape but that I pride comfort… I own more flats than I can count!

5. When it comes to shoes, what advice can you give our readers?

I think a lot of girls get caught up in a certain “look,” sacrificing fit and comfort in order to look cute. Although trends are fun, I think it’s important to focus on comfort and wearability above all else… No one wants to watch a girl teetering awkwardly on a pair of heels, so only buy shoes you can actually walk in, ladies!

Credit: Vickie Laliotis

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