Gianluca Tamburini’s Customizable Shoes Are Designed Like Cars

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A little over a year ago, we first featured Gianluca Tamburini’s Conspiracy shoes.

Since then, Gianluca Tamburini has become one of the young Italian talents to win the 8th edition of the Who Is On Next? award, has had his “Biotech” shoes permanently displayed in The Museum at FIT, and has designed 10 new shoes that will give you your next shoegasm guaranteed.

Just like the first collection, we’re sure that these new collections are going to be huge hits. With mesmerizing jewels, sparkling crystal heels, and cutting-edge design technology, how can they not be?

Gianluca Tamburini also made these new shoes with materials used in manufacturing Ferrari cars but added a cool new mechanism that lets the wearer detach and change the heels as she pleases.

Remember that the designer has a background in the automotive industry. That is why his shoes are designed like cars — shiny, made of metal, and completely customizable.

Tamburini doesn’t offer much explanation about his new designs other than they’re called the Aerial and the Crystal collections, but we think these amazing shoes can speak for themselves.

Conspiracy Aerial Collection

1. Conspiracy 2359

Conspiracy 2359

2. Conspiracy Clockwork

Conspiracy Clockwork

3. Conspiracy Mardi Gras

Conspiracy Mardi Gras

4. Nouvelle Vague

Conspiracy Nouvelle Vague

Conspiracy Crystal Collection

5. Conspiracy Crystal 8

Conspiracy Crystal 8

6. Conspiracy Crystal 13

Conspiracy Crystal 13

7. Conspiracy Crystal 19

Conspiracy Crystal 19

8. Conspiracy Crystal 21

Conspiracy Crystal 21

9. Conspiracy Crystal 22

Conspiracy Crystal 22

10. Conspiracy Crystal 23

Conspiracy Crystal 23

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