Kate McKinnon’s Verizon Commercials: Why Are They So Hated?

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Have you ever watched a commercial that was so annoying and off-putting that you couldn’t help but just stop in your tracks and stare at it in its entirety?

Well, that’s how most people feel after watching the new Verizon commercial featuring Kate McKinnon and her inability to stand or walk correctly in a pair of heels.

“Why does Kate McKinnon walk around like a constipated ape in Verizon commercials?” @AnaforianSark writes on Twitter.

Kate McKinnon "walks like the velociraptors in Jurassic Park" in red pumps in a television commercial for VerizonKate McKinnon “walks like the velociraptors in Jurassic Park” in red pumps in a television commercial for Verizon

“There’s nothing on TV more annoying than the Kate McKinnon Verizon commercials. I don’t get it. Why does she walk like that? Why does she talk like that? Why the weird faces? Is it supposed to be funny? I intensely hate these commercials,” @AngerE writes.

The Verizon phone company has been known to release questionable and off-putting commercials, throwing in annoying and shrill punch lines, such as Paul Marcarelli continuously asking “can you hear me now” while jumping from some bizarre location to the next.

While these easily incredibly recognizable lines may cause us to go stir crazy after repeating them in our minds for what seems like the 25th time in the last hour, I guess you could say that the marketing team over at Verizon really know how to do their jobs correctly.

Kate McKinnon is being ridiculed for her Verizon commercials and her inability to walk in high heelsKate McKinnon is being ridiculed for her Verizon commercials and her inability to walk in high heels

This is especially true for their brand new commercial starring Emmy-award winner and Saturday Night Live star Kate McKinnon.

While the writers and marketing team over at Verizon may have thought their commercial would be memorable due to the fact that it features a high-profile Hollywood name, their commercial has become quite unforgettable due to Kate’s lack of ability to stand upright in a pair of heels.

Instead of giving viewers a brand new punch line to repeat as inside jokes to family members and close friends, the commercial has given onlookers something greater: an abnormal walk to mimic on charades game nights.

Kate McKinnon walks like she's never worn high heels beforeKate McKinnon walks like she’s never worn high heels before

The fresh commercial features Leslie Jones’s best friend Kate McKinnon clambering around like a newly born giraffe amongst a sea of Verizon customers, and viewers have been bashing it left and right ever since it was released, especially on Reddit.

One Reddit user commented in a more compassionate and sympathetic tone stating, “She walks around like she’s never worn heels, which is likely.

Why wouldn’t they (the producers of the commercial) put her in flats or some other sensible shoe option that lets her walk comfortably?”.

While you would think that other viewers would share this same empathetic tone, you will be greatly surprised once you scroll through the rest of the harsh comments left on Reddit and other platforms, such as YouTube, which are currently displaying the mess that is known as the Kate McKinnon Verizon commercial.

Viewers are describing Kate McKinnon’s walk as that of a robot or a velociraptor that you can see gawking around in Jurassic Park

Viewers of this commercial all share one thing in common: they can’t stand the way Kate McKinnon is scrambling around in the heels that the commercial’s producers must have peer pressured her into wearing.

A commenter on YouTube remarked, “I’ve seen Boston Dynamics robots walk more gracefully in heels,” and someone else on the Reddit thread observed that Kate “walks like the velociraptors in Jurassic Park in those heels.

I’ve never seen a woman less graceful in heels than her”. No matter the amount of comments the commercial acquires, one thing is clear. Kate McKinnon needs some serious lessons on how to walk in a pair of heels.