Bad Idea: Kim Kardashian Pairs a Leather Skirt with Tamara Mellon Legging Boots

Tamara Mellon’s pants-and-shoes-in-one legging boots creation is tricky to pull off, but you’d think that those who’d attempt to do so would at least stay away from a certain article of clothing that just might be the worst possible thing to pair with it.

Kim Kardashian was the brave soul who dared try the look, and the article of clothing? A super tight, hug-every-single-curve leather skirt by Givenchy. Just imagine wearing all that leather uncomfortably rubbing against each other! And even if the skirt was lined, its tight fit showed every line of the legging boots’ waistband, which in turn created unflattering bumps and creases.

Kim Kardashian leather ruffle skirt boots 1

Kim Kardashian leather ruffle skirt bootsKim Kardashian seen filming a segment for the show Keeping Up with the Kardashians at the Bel Bambini baby store in West Hollywood, California, on February 12, 2014

Do you agree that the way Kim styled the Tamara Mellon legging boots did them no justice? Tamara herself said that they were designed to give that slick, seamless, no-gap silhouette, and Kim did not take advantage of that.

The legging boots also look a tad bit too long on Kim, but that’s the one thing we can’t fault her for. Unless you’re willing to cut off some of the length at the ankles or wear the waistband folded, there’s no adjusting these Tamara Mellon legging boots:

Tamara Mellon Sweet Revenge Leather Legging BootsTamara Mellon “Sweet Revenge” Leather Legging Boots, $1,995

If you’re wondering how to wear these legging boots, there’s no better person to learn from than Tamara Mellon herself. And in case you’re wondering how to store them, Tamara Mellon also shows how she does it in this Instagram pic:

Tamara Mellon hang legging bootsTamara Mellon’s Instagram snap captioned, “How I hang my #TamaraMellon #LeggingBoot at home.” – posted on January 30, 2014

Credit: Michael Wright/WENN/Tamara Mellon's Instagram

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