If Little Mermaid Were a Shoe, This Jerome C. Rousseau Boot Would Be It

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Cinderella’s always the one who gets her own special shoe design, but now, thanks to Jerome C. Rousseau, the Little Mermaid also gets to experience the luxury treatment. The ironic thing is that Ariel’s the one Disney princess with no need for shoes at all. So, it’s a good thing then that Jerome C. Rousseau seems to have been inspired by her instead of creating a shoe for her. (Although we know Ariel would 100% appreciate a pair of shoes, considering what she gave up for a pair of legs.)

If the Little Mermaid were a shoe, we think this Jerome C. Rousseau “Juda” limited edition booties would be her:

Jerome C Rousseau Juda - Limited EditionJerome C. Rousseau “Juda” Limited Edition Booties, $6,495

Okay, so Mr. Rousseau never claims to have had Disney on his mind when he created this shoe, but tell us if you don’t see “The Little Mermaid” elements in it. Those are freshwater pearls and coral sitting among the over 7,000 hand-applied embellishments. That shade of red on some of the beads and the hue of green used on the heel? Those are pretty much the equivalent of Ariel’s red hair and mermaid tail. There’s even a nod to Flounder, Ariel’s tropical fish sidekick, in that blue-and-yellow beading on the side. Just compare the shoe with these photos tweeted by online entertainment magazine Hollyscoop and Disney themselves:

The Little MermaidDisney’s Twitter picture of Ariel from The Little Mermaid

The Little MermaidHollyscoop’s Twitter pic of Disney’s The Little Mermaid

Do you agree that the Jerome C. Rousseau ‘Juda’ is the Little Mermaid in shoe form?

The boots are custom-made, so if you’ve got $6,495 lying around, pre-order a pair now. But if you don’t want to wait for 60–75 days (or if Ariel is not your favorite Disney princess), here are different versions, colors, and prints of the “Juda” booties that are currently available at Gilt:

Jerome C Rousseau Juda - Gem PrintJerome C. Rousseau “Juda” Booties in Gem Print, $895

Jerome C Rousseau Juda - Leopard MeshJerome C. Rousseau “Juda” Booties in Leopard Mesh, $795

Jerome C Rousseau Juda - Print HaircalfJerome C. Rousseau “Juda” Booties in Printed Haircalf, $459 (before: $1,095)

Jerome C Rousseau Juda - Woven LeatherJerome C. Rousseau “Juda” Booties in Woven Leather, $895

Jerome C Rousseau Juda Lace - BlackJerome C. Rousseau “Juda” Booties in Black Lace, $795

Jerome C Rousseau Juda Lace - CoralJerome C. Rousseau “Juda” Booties in Coral Lace, $795

Jerome C Rousseau Juda Laser CorkJerome C. Rousseau “Juda” Booties in Laser-Cut Cork, $995

Jerome C Rousseau Juda LaserJerome C. Rousseau “Juda” Booties in Black Laser Cut, $995

Jerome C Rousseau Juda - Velvet GlitterJerome C. Rousseau “Juda” Glitter-Heel Booties in Velvet, $895

Credit: Hollyscoop's Twitter, Disney's Twitter