How to Walk in Heel-Less Shoes (Videos)

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How do you walk in those things? is one question we get a lot whenever we post an article on, or a picture of, heel-less shoes. So, we thought we’d finally clear the air about walking in heel-less shoes (it’s really not as bad as you think!).

Plenty of you YNS readers have also shared your own experiences with owning a pair of heel-less shoes — and we very much appreciate it — but we thought we’d address the question with its very own post.

The two very basic things to remember when walking in heel-less shoes are the following:

1. Shift your body weight forward. Never lean back, or else you’ll fall.

2. Put pressure on the balls of your feet or the front of the shoes, not on the back of your heels.

That’s really all there is to it, but we know it’s better to see it in action than to just read about it. Below are three of our favorite YouTube videos on how to walk in heel-less shoes depending on how extreme your heel-less shoes are.

We love this first video from Viva La Diva — they tasked one girl to spend one day at the office in heel-less shoes like the Sole Boutique ones we featured before. You’ll see her doing normal, everyday things, such as riding elevators, going to the ladies’ room, and taking her coffee break in those shoes.

In the second video by YouTube user eteclea, the girl walks, runs, and jumps in a pair of Jeffrey Campbell “Str8up” heel-less shoes. This is probably the type of heel-less shoes most of us would get, so this is a must-watch!

Walking in these shoes is also not that very different from walking in inwardly curved wedges. You could also put your weight a little on the middle part of your foot since the fin-like bottom flares out toward the back.

But if you’re the type who wants a real challenge and are thinking of getting the “real” Noritaka Tatehana or Antonio Berardi-like heel-less shoes, the third video is for you. YouTube user yuanyi89 makes walking in this most extreme type of heel-less shoes look the most graceful out of all the videos out there. These ones make you the most unstable, so you need to be mindful of your posture and engage your abs at all times when wearing these!

Like everything else that you’re new at, walking in heel-less shoes takes practice, practice, practice. Even then, we wouldn’t recommend wearing them for a drunken girls’ night out. Maybe not even for a day at the office!

What do you say, expert heel-less shoe walkers out there?

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