Identical Twins: JustFab Zelda & Promise Island

Check out these interesting finds. Seeing these two will definitely make you wonder where the stylists from JustFab get their shoes. Could it be from Promise? Or do they simply have the same shoe source?

justfab-zelda-promise-island Zelda and the Promise Island

As you can see, these two look exactly alike; very identical indeed, with no hint of variation save for the slight difference in color, which by the way, is due to camera lighting. In fact, I think if I put them next to each other without any labels to identify, you wouldn’t be able to tell which one is which, would you?





There is actually a difference and that’s the price. The Promise Island will cost you about $10 more than the Zelda. But given how Zelda is already almost out of stock at JustFab, those who want this shoe will probably get their fix by purchasing the Island instead.

Aside from availability, the other advantage the Island has over the Zelda is that it comes in three (3) other colors – Yellow, Orange, and Green. That basically gives you more options, and we all know options are always good:

In Green, Orange, and Yellow

You can try checking JustFab if they still have the Zelda in your size. Otherwise, you’ll have to spend $10 more and grab the Island via Heels instead. Enjoy shopping!

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