7 Fashion Bloggers Show How to Wear Red Heels on Valentine’s Day

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If you find it too cheesy to wear a red dress this Valentine’s Day, why not wear red heels instead? Red stiletto sandals and pumps are a must in every stylish woman’s closet. Bring them out for a date with your special someone.

Not sure what outfit to wear? Take inspiration from the following fashion bloggers who know how to rock their red heels in style!

1. Snow White Inspiration in a Black Dress (Fancy Melody)

Who says you can’t wear black on Valentine’s Day? A black dress and red heels is an elegant pairing. If you want a dose of fun, you can wear a red bow headband (for a Disney-princess-inspired look).

Samantha Sun in red Nine West heelsSamantha Sun in red Nine West heels

2. Simplicity and Sophistication in White (Nany’z Klozet)

A simple white laced dress and red heels could easily turn heads. White is stunning in its purity and simplicity, and it allows the other elements in your outfit to shine. In addition to your red shoes, you can also have your nails and lips painted red.

Daniela Ramirez in red sculpted wedge heelsDaniela Ramirez in red sculpted wedge heels

3. Ready for a Movie V-Date (Natalia Style)

For young lovers who are planning to go out on a movie date this Valentine’s Day, Natalie suggests a sexy and playful outfit. A striped long-sleeved top, a red miniskirt, black tights, and red shoes would be perfect. This should also keep you warm enough inside the movie house.

Natalie Ast in red Zara heelsNatalie Ast in red Zara heels

4. Sexy and Seductive (Rinnie Riot)

This is the outfit to wear if you don’t want to see your guy looking at some other girls. Short high-waisted shorts are a bit daunting,  but if you have flawless legs, then better flaunt them.

Rinnie Riot in red Charlotte Russe heelsRinnie Riot in red Charlotte Russe heels

5. Three Cs — Cool, Classic, and Casual (Blog Offline)

You’ll never go wrong with classics. If you’re just going to the mall with your family or with your boyfriend, a pair of jeans and a tee would be enough. This stylish fashion blogger opted for a gray H&M gray shirt and River Island trousers. She let her red shoes do the talking!

Fashion blogger showing another great way to style red heelsFashion blogger showing another great way to style red heels

6. Outdoor Dinner Outfit (Mayita Pink)

If you and your partner love walking in the park and having dinner outdoors, Mayita Aviles has the perfect outfit for you. Put your white dress on, don’t forget your red heels, and then layer your dress with a jacket (a camo-printed one like Mayita’s if you want a hint of toughness) to keep you warm while strolling.

Mayita Aviles in red heelsMayita Aviles in red heels

7. Chic, Daring, and Flirtatious (Blog Offline)

If you want it fun, playful, and flirty, you better take it from Emmi Malmberg. A laced bustier, a red miniskirt, tights, and red high heels will give you a look that’s guaranteed to allure.

Emmi Fashiontwisted Malmberg in red heelsEmmi Malmberg in red heels

Which of these looks would you like to copy on Valentine’s?

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