8 Best Slip-On Shoes For Women: Ultimate Styling Guide

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As much as we love the chicness of strappy shoes, nothing beats the convenience of slip-ons. The fuss-free design is fast, comfortable, and easy to wear.

It’s no surprise that women have been turning to slip-on shoes for centuries. There’s a slip-on style for practically every occasion, from formal days at the office to relaxing days at the beach.

Find out which styles you need in your collection in our guide to slip-on shoes for women below!

8 Different Types Of Slip-On Shoes For Women

1. Slip-On Sneakers

This casual style is likely what comes to mind when you think of slip-ons. They have all the comfort of lace-up sneakers with even more ease.

The design was made popular by skateboarding apparel giant Vans and its iconic checkerboard style. Now, almost every brand—from Givenchy to Skechers—has made its own version!

Vans checkerboard slip-on sneaker; Givenchy Elastic City Court Sneaker; Skechers Elite FlexVans checkerboard slip-on sneaker, $85 at Farfetch; Givenchy Elastic City Court Sneaker, $675 at Nordstrom; Skechers Elite Flex, $75 at Zappos

Thanks to their durable rubber sole and breathable upper, slip-on sneakers are probably the most practical style on the list. They’re perfect for walking long distances, traveling, or any other activity that will keep you on your feet all day.

2. Slides

Minimal and ultra-comfortable, the slide sandal has become an athleisure staple. The simple design features a thick sole with a matching strap or two and is perfect for anyone that wants breezy, hassle-free footwear for warm weather.

Birkenstock Arizona Sandal; Adidas Adilette SlidesBirkenstock Arizona Sandal, $145 at Shopbop; Adidas Adilette Slides, $45 at Zappos

Slides have become increasingly popular in recent years thanks to trendsetters such as Hailey Bieber and Gigi Hadid, but the open-ended sandals can actually be traced back to Ancient Rome!

They came back into style during the 1960s and ‘70s, thanks to the release of the Birkenstock Arizona and Adidas Adilettes slides. Both styles are still highly coveted to this day.

3. Ballet Flats

Chic ballet flats are many women’s go-to shoes when they want to look elegant and feel comfortable.

The feminine design was originally created for ballerinas in the 16th century, but their popularity spread to the general public for obvious reasons.

Sam Edelman Felicia Flat; Naturalizer MaxwellSam Edelman Felicia Flat, $99.95-$140 at Nordstrom; Naturalizer Maxwell, $89 at Zappos

This versatile slip-on shoe looks just as good with jeans and a t-shirt as it does with a formal dress, which is why ballet flats are considered a must-have for many women.

4. Loafers

This sophisticated design is characterized by its rigid sole, low heel, and mid-cut upper with a distinctive seam. Loafers add an instant air of regality to any outfit.

They have aristocratic origins that date back to the 1800s and were historically worn by royals, nobles, and academics as indoor shoes.

Franco Sarto Balin Platform Loafer; Polo Ralph Lauren New Ashtyn Flat Loafer; Gucci Horsebit Leather Chunky LoaferFranco Sarto Balin Platform Loafer, $99 at Nordstrom; Polo Ralph Lauren New Ashtyn Flat Loafer, $299 at Farfetch; Gucci Horsebit Leather Chunky Loafer, $1,150 at Matches Fashion

Nowadays loafers can be worn by anyone, but they’re typically favored as dress shoes that work for smart casual dress codes.

5. Mules

Consider them close-toed, backless sandals. This elegant shoe has been around for a long time – some historians believe it originated in Ancient Rome!

Modern versions are incredibly diverse and can have almost any toe shape or heel height. Flat buckle mules are perfect for elevating casual looks, while heeled mules add a chic finish to evening outfits.

Gucci Princeton Horsebit Mules; Birkenstock Boston Buckled MulesGucci Princeton Horsebit Mules, $850 at Farfetch; Birkenstock Boston Buckled Mules, $130 at Farfetch

Mules have seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years. Many major footwear brands have released their own version, from Gucci’s luxurious fur-lined Princetown Horsebit mules to Birkenstock’s hippie-chic Boston mules.

6. Clogs

This playful design is similar to a mule with its closed toes and open back but is distinguished by its wooden sole.

Clogs have become synonymous with their country of origin, the Netherlands, where they have been worn since the 13th century!

Free People;Suki Platform Clog; Ancient Greek Sandals Closed Sheepskin Clog; Brunello Cucinelli Monili-trim Leather ClogFree People Suki Platform Clog, $168 at Nordstrom; Ancient Greek Sandals Closed Sheepskin Clog, $390 at Farfetch; Brunello Cucinelli Monili-trim Leather Clog, $1,200 at Matches Fashion

Traditional clogs were made entirely out of wood, but modern designers have refined the design to make them comfortable and more visually interesting.

Nowadays, clogs can be flat or heeled and are typically made with leather or suede uppers. The wooden sole creates a warm, retro-inspired aesthetic that looks fantastic with flared jeans or a floral dress.

7. Moccasins

The traditional footwear of the indigenous people of North America has become beloved around the globe.

Soft and comfortable, the sole and sides of moccasins are made from the same material (usually a soft leather or suede) and often have a soft lining.

Minnetonka Kilty Suede Moccasin; Tod's Lace-up Round-toe Moccasin; Skechers Cozy CampfireMinnetonka Kilty Suede Moccasin, $54.95 at Nordstrom; Tod’s Lace-up Round-toe Moccasin, $541 at Farfetch; Skechers Cozy Campfire, $45.99 at Zappos

The cozy slip-on is instantly recognizable because of the distinctive stitching around the upper.

The style has been recreated with thicker soles by other cultures, but there are still plenty of indigenous brands that keep the tradition of authentic moccasin craftsmanship alive in Canada and the USA.

8. Espadrille

With their light canvas uppers and earthy jute soles, espadrilles have become the slip-on shoes for the summer.

Conventional espadrilles resemble slip-on sneakers, though many designers have created lace-up sandal versions.

Gucci GG Monogram Espadrilles; Saint Laurent Logo Espadrille; Castañer Slip-on Denim EspadrilleGucci GG Monogram Espadrilles, $670 at Farfetch; Saint Laurent Logo Espadrille, $650 at Nordstrom; Castañer Slip-on Denim Espadrille, $90 at Farfetch

This beachy style comes from the warm shores of Spain and France. The name itself derives from the Catalan word espardenya, as esparto grass was traditionally used to bind the upper to the outsole.

This humble shoe has come a long way over the centuries. Once the footwear of peasants, espadrilles are now a staple part of luxury designer resort collections.

Slip-On Shoe Tricks & Styling Tips

Slip-ons are extremely easy to put on, but their biggest downfall is that they can easily slip off. Here’s what to do to ensure your slip-ons become stay-ons.

1. Make sure you’re wearing the right size.

It may sound obvious, but many of us don’t consider the width of our feet when buying shoes. You may have slip-ons that are the correct length, but if they’re too wide they’ll likely slip off.

2. Invest in double-sided shoe tape or heel grips.

You can always add security by placing an adhesive to the inner sole of your shoe, like double-sided shoe tape or heel grips. Dozens of options are available on Amazon.

Ballotte Heel Grips; Moleskin Roll Multi-Purpose Anti-Slip Tape; Dr. Foot Heel GripsBallotte Heel Grips, $29.99; Moleskin Roll Multi-Purpose Anti-Slip Tape, $9.77; Dr. Foot Heel Grips, $19.99

3. Add socks.

This won’t work for all styles of slip-on shoes, but socks are excellent for holding shoes in place.

Especially ones with built-in sole grips. Invisible socks can easily be worn with slip-on sneakers, loafers, moccasins, ballet flats, or espadrilles.

You can even try socks with slides – celebs like Kaia Gerber and Hailey Bieber have proved that it can be chic!

Kaia Gerber and Hailey Bieber show how to wear socks with slip-on slidesKaia Gerber and Hailey Bieber show how to wear socks with slip-on slides (Credit: BauerGriffin / INSTARimages)

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