August Showroom Showdown: ShoeDazzle vs. JustFab

Hello ladies! How’s the week so far? Have you checked your ShoeDazzle and JustFab accounts this month? I highly suggest you do. The shoes they include in your showroom/boutique are usually limited in quantity so it’s best to visit early, otherwise, you’ll miss out on the great looking ones. Besides, you do need to click that “Skip This Month” button if you have no intention of shopping this month so you might as well take a peek at the items they’ve selected for you.

As for me, it’s that time of the month once again – another round of Showroom Showdown to entertain you shoe-holics. I made my first stop at ShoeDazzle and found these shoes waiting for me. I was looking for shoes with a bit more edge and found the Cross and Dahlia to be very tempting….

ShoeDazzle August Showroom Selections








I then proceeded to my JustFab Shoe Boutique. Below are the selections they’ve added into my room this month. What first caught my attention was the knee high suede boot – the Leslie. Hats off to JustFab for providing something for fall. Then I noticed the Langley and thought, wow, not bad at all……

JustFab August Boutique Selections







BUT you see, there are alternate styles to check out so let’s just say my decision might not end with Langley, Cross, or Dahlia. ShoeDazzle alone has nine (9) Featurettes this month, and that’s apart from the twelve (12) alternate styles they’ve included in my Showroom. JustFab also has a LOT of back-up styles to choose from – three (3) shoe highlights, eight (8) Featured Styles, and four (4) Haute List choices, plus the six (6) alternate styles.

Of course, since this is a showdown, let’s have that winner, shall we? Based on the shoes posted above, who do you think should win this month’s showroom contest?

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