RiRi Loves Her Manolo Blahnik Sandals — Aren’t You Tired of Seeing Them?

We’ve featured Rihanna in the Manolo Blahnik “Chaos” sandals on more than one occasion. Actually, we’ve seen her in them almost half a dozen times! You can see our past posts on the singer wearing this chic and versatile style here, here, and here. This time, she rocked her Manolos to the London opening of her River Island store and was spotted adjusting them as she exited a cab at her hotel.

While I love this shoe style, I know that Rihanna has access to an amazing shoe collection, so I wonder why she keeps opting for this one particular pair.

Rihanna Main

Rihanna Retuning To Her Hotel

Rihanna Retuning To Her Hotel Rihanna checking her heel as she gets out of a cab after the River Island store launch in London on March 4, 2013 

We couldn’t find the Chaos sandals in the same bronze-brown shade that Rihanna wore above, but we did find them in several other colorways at Barneys. Take a peek, and tell us if you still love this style or would rather see RiRi in something different!

MANOLO BLAHNIK Chaos $695 Green Manolo Blahnik “Chaos” in Green, $695

MANOLO BLAHNIK Chaos $695 Black Manolo Blahnik “Chaos” in Black, $695

MANOLO BLAHNIK Chaos $695 Silver Manolo Blahnik “Chaos” in Silver, $695

MANOLO BLAHNIK Chaos $695 Gold Manolo Blahnik “Chaos” in Gold, $695

MANOLO BLAHNIK Chaos $695 Fuchsia Manolo Blahnik “Chaos” in Bright Fuchsia, $695

MANOLO BLAHNIK Chaos $695 Nude Manolo Blahnik “Chaos” in Light Beige, $695

MANOLO BLAHNIK Chaos $695 Leopard Manolo Blahnik “Chaos” in Leopard, $695

Okay, Rihanna fans, what’s your verdict? Are you tired of seeing Rihanna wear this Manolo style, or do you think she should keep on rocking it?

Credit: WENN
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