Beverly Feldman Bouquet Satin Pumps – SWEET or SCARY?

Floral details on shoes are typically cute, dainty or pretty. But something about the imposing, overly huge flower bloom on these Beverly Feldman “Bouquet” satin pumps makes this shoe seem appropriate to wear this Halloween!

Beverly Feldman 'Bouquet' Satin Pump

Beverly Feldman 'Bouquet' Satin PumpsBeverly Feldman Bouquet Pumps at Amazon

Check it out on this lying down image of the shoe. To me, it looks like the floral bloom is making a meal out of Beverly Feldman pump:

Beverly Feldman 'Bouquet' Satin Pump Top View

This may be just a product of an overactive imagination but believe it or not, I have met more than a few women who say they have a fear of huge flowers. I don’t have that fear but I do believe I understand what they mean after seeing the Beverly Feldman pump!

I may be overreacting or getting way too much into the spirit of Halloween so I’m going to leave it up to you YNS readers: what do you think of the Beverly Feldman Bouquet satin pumps with the oversized flower bloom accent — are they SWEET or are they SCARY?

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