The Bootie Battle: Guess Abrielle vs. Vince Camuto Bailey

I am currently obsessed with YSL’s Palais Pump. I love its shape – from the tapered and raised toe to that flared heel, I think it’s all perfect. If you can’t picture what I’m talking about, allow me to show you. Below is the YSL Palais Pump in all its glory. Much like the Tribute and the Tribtoo, it is also a highly coveted shoe style. Can you appreciate it?

YSL Palais Platform Pump, $720

Because I can’t afford it, I am quite glad that other less expensive brands have created their own renditions of the Palais, from close copies, to mary janes, to bootie versions – all mimicking the distinct shape of the toe and heel. Among these brands are GUESS and Vince Camuto. Check out their latest  – the Vince Camuto Bailey. I am eyeing these two for my next purchase but I can’t seem to decide which one to buy. Both use leather suede, offer the same silhouette, and both come with good reviews yet I am completely unsure as to which one to grab:

GUESS Abrielle

GUESS Abrielle Booties, $159

Vince Camuto Bailey

Vince Camuto Bailey Booties, $139

There are of course differences between the two. For instance, the GUESS Abrielle will give you a taller shaft (7.5 inches vs. 5.25 inches) and a higher heel (by 0.25 inches). It also features stitched panels at the front. However, in terms of pricing, the Vince Camuto Bailey takes the lead since it is cheaper by $20.

So here’s what I’m going to ask you, which of these booties would you grab if you were to make that choice?

Guess Abrielle vs. Vince Camuto Bailey

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