How Tall Is Zendaya? Height, Net Worth, Feet, Legs and Heels

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Please scroll down to see pictures of Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman showing off her feet and legs in designer high heels, boots, sandals, pumps, and hot shoes.

Despite not appearing tall on TV, Zendaya towers over many of her costars and famous friends, standing at 5’10”. She wears a shoe size 10 (US).

Taller than her boyfriend, Zendaya embraces her height and even loves wearing high heels.

In a 2015 interview with People, Zendaya encouraged her fans to be proud of their height and not worry about what others think. “People are going to comment on your height regardless, so you might as well stand tall and look good doing it!”

Zendaya displays her feet in Casadei Blade pumps at the premiere of Zendaya displays her feet in Casadei Blade pumps at the premiere of “Confirmation” at Paramount Theater on the Paramount Studios lot on March 31, 2016, in Hollywood, California (Credit: Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock)

Zendaya’s career has taken off in the past few years, and it is only uphill from here!

The talented singer, dancer, and actress has had a steady upward progression, from her days on Disney Channel to starring in feature films like The Greatest Showman, to her success on the hit TV show Euphoria.

With great success comes great fortune, which leaves us all wondering what Zendaya’s net worth is.

How long did it take Zendaya to become famous?

Zendaya Maree Stoermer is an American actress and singer. She was also a dancer in her earlier days, and we see those talents occasionally in her projects.

Her name, Zendaya, means “to give thanks” and is derived from the Shona name Tendai. She is the youngest of five children.

Bella Thorne and Zendaya on a rooftop during a photo call for their hit Disney show, Shake It Up, in MunichBella Thorne and Zendaya on a rooftop during a photo call for their hit Disney show, Shake It Up, in Munich, Germany, on May 21, 2012 (Credit: Goran Gajanin / Startraksphoto)

Zendaya was born on September 1, 1996, and has been in the entertainment industry since childhood. She broke out in 2010 while on Shake It Up, a Disney sitcom.

Her TV career took off from this point on, but she wouldn’t see her first feature film until 2017, when Spider-Man: Homecoming was released.

Zendaya became famous as Rocky Blue on the Disney Channel sitcom Shake It UpZendaya became famous as Rocky Blue on the Disney Channel sitcom Shake It Up (Credit: Albert Michael / Startraksphoto)

She is the winner of two Emmy awards for Outstanding Lead Actress in a drama series and is the youngest person to ever win two of these types of awards.

Spider-Man: No Way Home

Perhaps one of Zendaya’s greatest successes to date is her starring role in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Zendaya stars as Spider-Man’s love interest, Michelle Jones-Watson, or MJ as she is lovingly referred to.

Zendaya flaunts her legs in a Valentino dress, Bvlgari jewelry, and Christian Louboutin heels at the Sony Pictures' Zendaya flaunts her legs in a Valentino dress, Bvlgari jewelry, and Christian Louboutin heels at the Sony Pictures’ “Spider-Man: No Way Home” Los Angeles Premiere on December 13, 2021, in Los Angeles, California (Credit: Abby Grant / Cover Images)

Zendaya starred in this role alongside her shorter boyfriend Tom Holland, who played the part of Spider-Man. For the project, Zendaya made a whopping $2 million!


Zendaya has been working diligently over the past few years, so much so that it feels like a new project from her is coming out every few months!

Zendaya will reportedly be paid over $10 million for the American romantic sports comedy film Challengers, which is scheduled for release in 2023Zendaya will reportedly be paid over $10 million for the American romantic sports comedy film Challengers, which is scheduled for release in 2023 (Credit: Jennifer Graylock / INSTARimages / Cover Images)

One of her most recent film projects is a film called Challengers, which is said to be about a tennis professional named Tashi. Zendaya has the lead role in this film and will star alongside Mike Faist and Josh O’Connor.

For this new film, it is said that Zendaya will be paid over $10 million!

Zendaya’s Total Net Worth

Some of Zendaya’s projects have more public budgets, while others are impossible to estimate.

While we know that she was without a doubt one of the highest-paid actresses on the set of Euphoria, and it is rumored that she made upwards of $50,000 per episode, there are no financial records that truly prove this is true.

Zendaya is believed to be making $50,000 per episode of the American teen drama television series EuphoriaZendaya is believed to be making $50,000 per episode of the American teen drama television series Euphoria (Credit: Munawar Hosain / Startraksphoto)

However, we do know that Zendaya is making her way up the ranks and becoming one of the highest-paid actresses of all time, especially for her age.

While it is difficult to know just how much Zendaya makes on all of her projects, we know that her estimated net worth is around $20 million! This will, without a doubt, go up over the next few years as more films and television programs continue to air.

Actress and singer Zendaya is best known for the television comedy 'Shake It Up' and big-budget films like 'Dune,' 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' and 'The Greatest Showman'Actress and singer Zendaya is best known for the television comedy ‘Shake It Up’ and big-budget films like ‘Dune,’ ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ and ‘The Greatest Showman’  (Credit: MEGA / WENN)

Zendaya Facts

Is Zendaya rich? Yes, she is an American actress, singer, dancer, and producer with an estimated net worth of $20 million.
Full Name:Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman
Born:September 1, 1996, in Oakland, a city on the east side of San Francisco Bay, in California.
Dating:She is believed to have dated fellow Disney star Trevor Jackson from 2013-2017. In 2021, Zendaya was confirmed to be dating her Spider-Man: Homecoming co-star Tom Holland.
Shoe Size:10 (US)
How tall is Zendaya?Her height is believed to be 5′ 10″ (1.78 m).

Initially claiming to be "Five Eight" in a video Q&A for, she later began identifying herself in the "5ft 10 range" and expressed joy in being tall. In 2014, Zendaya added a half inch to her height and stated that she was "about 5'10 and 1/2"."
Source of Wealth:Film, Television, Music, Dance
Ethnicity/Race:African-American, German, Irish, English, Scottish
Who is Zendaya married to?She has never been married.
What religion is Zendaya Coleman?She is not known to be a Christian or religious.
What does Zendaya mean?The name Zendaya means To Give Thanks and is of African origin.

Her unusual name comes from the word for thanks, Tendai, in the Shona language, spoken in Zimbabwe and southern Zambia
Who are Zendaya's parents?She is the only child of Claire Marie (Stoermer) and Kazembe Ajamu (born Samuel David Coleman).
Does Zendaya have a sister?She has five older half-siblings, two brothers and three sisters, on her father's side.

Their names are Kaylee Stoermer Coleman, Katianna Stoermer Coleman, Austin Stoermer Coleman, AnnaBella Stoermer Coleman, and Julien Stoermer Coleman.
How do you pronounce Zendaya?It is pronounced: Zen-day-a (just like how it's spelled.)
How much did Zendaya get paid for Dune?Zendaya was reportedly paid $300,000 for her brief role as Chani in the 2021 American epic science fiction film Dune.
Why did Zendaya stop using her last name?Inspired by Cher and Prince, Zendaya decided to use only one name as she thinks it sounds cool.
Is Tom Holland shorter than his girlfriend Zendaya?Yes, Tom is shorter than Zendaya. Her height is about 5'10", while his is about 5'8"
How much did Zendaya get paid from Disney?She reportedly made $400,000 per season of K.C. Undercover and $140,000 for her three seasons on Shake It Up.

Zendaya displays her feet in strappy high heelsZendaya displays her feet in strappy high heels in New York City on August 5, 2015 (Credit: Roger Wong / INFphoto)

Zendaya’s Best Quotes

Let’s practice motivation and love, not discrimination and hate.

There are so many great things in life; why dwell on negativity?

Find something that makes you happy and go for it.

A feminist is a person who believes in the power of women just as much as they believe in the power of anyone else. It’s equality, it’s fairness, and I think it’s a great thing to be a part of.

If there’s any definition to being perfect, you’re perfect at being yourself.

I was born an auntie. I have an older niece and nephew and many younger nieces and nephews.

I was actually supposed to be a basketball player, not an actress. My parents had me playing basketball on competitive teams when I was in kindergarten. Even though my heart belongs to the arts, I’m a tomboy at heart, too.

I shampoo every other day and only do the roots. I can’t shampoo all the way down to the end, because it will dry my hair out. I use a mask multiple times a week to restore moisture.

One of my dreams is to walk down the runway during Fashion Week!

When you’re put in a position to really affect young people who are going to run the world one day, if you’re able to be in their life at a young age and make a positive impact, I think that’s a beautiful thing.

What hasn’t Barbie been? I don’t think I can create an occupation that she has not done yet.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized my true models are my parents. My mom is like a sheroe. My dad is so strong.

There are things that people say that hurt my feelings or whatever, especially with social media right now. It can be the most amazing thing, and it can also be the most negative and detrimental thing.

I’ve loved Michael Jackson since the minute I was born. He’s probably the most talented person ever. He was able to create such an amazing career and be probably the biggest star we’ve ever had.

As an artist, you have to work really, really hard because you gotta make something that will allow people to even take the chance to even listen to it, you know?

Pretty is so boring now. There are so many different definitions of ‘pretty.’ It’s so much broader than before. The old pretty is boring – nobody cares anymore.

It’s important to raise your voice in things you feel passionate about and things that you know about. Don’t raise your voice just to raise your voice if you have nothing behind it and don’t know what you’re talking about.

I love playing with makeup. Makeup has become a thing where it’s an art form. It’s not a thing where you use it because you need to feel beautiful or because you don’t like the way you look.

Age doesn’t mean anything. Age doesn’t mean I can’t work as hard. Age doesn’t mean I can’t do as well as everyone else. It’s just a factor. It’s just there.

My generation, we really have to step up to the plate and vote. Tweeting is great – people say, ‘Oh, I don’t want this or that’ – but at the end of the day, tweeting isn’t a ballot. Just saying that you don’t like someone on Twitter is not going to turn a state blue or red. You have to vote.

‘Shake It Up’ definitely teaches kids about the importance of reaching for your dreams and setting high goals. It also teaches great lessons about friendship and family.

X Out has helped me keep up my confidence, and I know it can help anyone who would rather have fun than worry about blemishes. If you want clear, seriously good-looking skin, X Out is for you.

A good hair day is when my curls are popping. Sometimes my curls and waves, they like to go a little wild sometimes. They have a mind of their own. But some days, they just fall right into place.

I’ve had a lot of voices tell me what I should be making. Personally, I would much rather live and die by my own hand. If my stuff sucks, then at least I made it suck. I didn’t allow some person, some old dude in a suit, to make it suck for me.

I’m excited to be a part of the new direction the Barbie brand is headed, specifically how they are celebrating diversity in the line and encouraging kids to raise their voices.

I have a phone obsession. It’s really hard on set sometimes because I’ll be checking Instagram, and then I have to remember, ‘Oh, crap, I have to shoot a scene or rehearse.’ Every now and then, I have to turn it off and live my life.

A lot of people don’t realize that hair is a big thing for a lot of people, not just African-American women. It’s something to be aware of and to be cautious of.

I am so honored to join the company of a roster as celebrated and diverse as Covergirl’s. I can’t wait to share some of my own beauty tips with fans and work alongside Covergirl to continue empowering girls and women to celebrate their individuality.

I feel that if you shelter your kids from everything, one day they are going to be out in the world on their own, and they are going to have to figure it out. You can’t give them a test if you never taught them anything that’s on the test. They’re going to fail.

When I was younger, I went through a phase when I didn’t like my hair. Because the school I went to was primarily Caucasian, there wasn’t anyone who had my hair texture. I remember one day I straightened my hair, and that was the first day that people gave me compliments on it.

My mother’s proud of where she’s from, and her history, and her past, and same with my dad. I have roots in Africa. Like, I am from Africa as well as from Germany, and I am very proud of that.

I was that weird eight-year-old who was really interested in Shakespeare and understood it and appreciated the language.

My mom started working at the California Shakespeare Theater in Oakland when I was two years old, so I’ve always grown up around theater.

Of course, I’ve had a problem with people taking me seriously because of my age. People are always going to do that because you’re less experienced; you haven’t lived as much.

When I first started out in the industry, I was 12 or whatever, and I wanted to be on something so bad, and I didn’t know what I was going to be on. At the time, I was in school, and I was working on drama and theatrical stuff, so I never thought that I’d end up going to comedy.

I didn’t like my hair and makeup one time on a photo shoot, and my publicist told me, ‘You should just be happy with it – they haven’t had a black girl on the cover since forever.’ She’s no longer my publicist.

I have parents and family who will never allow me not to be grounded. If I thought for a second that I could possibly lift off the ground, I have a thousand people who will grab my ankles.

My parents got me in trouble when I was in school because someone was getting bullied, and I didn’t do anything about it. I just watched it happen and then came to the school, and I got cussed out for not helping and not being a part of it.

I’m not good at a lot of things. I am not good at keeping my room clean. I am not good at eating healthy. I am not good at sports anymore. I used to be! Not so much anymore.

There were a lot of times people would do my makeup, and it would be awful, and I would be orange. Nothing matched. So then you learn how to do your own makeup. I watched a lot of YouTube videos when I was little and taught myself.

I hate when books are written from the wrong perspective; when they’re written by adults for tweenagers. Like, do you truly remember what it’s like to be 12? No, not really.

Zendaya’s Hot Legs and Sexy Feet

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