LOVE or LOATHE? Balenciaga Folded-Strap Sandal Booties

Balenciaga has really been upping the ante for their footwear division lately. They’ve been serving up some really out-of-the-box styles, and you all know they’ve even gotten the edgy Kristen Stewart as the face of the brand’s fragrance.

So, these two-tone sandal booties made of folded-over straps are just right up their alley now. The twisted-strap style is something we’ve seen before, but this might be the first time we’ve seen it actually resemble bows. One side of the straps is a solid melon color, while one side is gray reptile-textured, which makes for an interesting contrast.

Balenciaga folded strap sandal booties

Balenciaga folded strap sandal booties 1

Balenciaga folded strap sandal booties 2Balenciaga Folded-Strap Sandal Booties, $1,443 at Farfetch

It’s almost tempting to press those straps down flat!

They’re cool, they push the boundaries, and they take you out of your comfort zone. What do you think of these Balenciaga sandal booties, love or loathe?

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