Get Caught in the Web of Prepossessing Philipp Plein Ankle-Strap Sandals

Happy Monday everyone!

Let us help you start off your week right by showing you a pair of Philipp Plein shoes that are more than just pleasing to the eye.

These ankle strappies are provocative, precious, and prepossessing. You know what, why don’t we just go straight to the Philipp Pleins before we run out of adjectives that start with “p”!

Check them out — the aptly named “Spider” ankle-strap sandals featuring a weblike cutout pattern at the heel counter:

Philipp Plein “Spider” Ankle-Strap Sandals, $2,446.25

These sandals are studded all over with Swarovski crystals — all over the front platforms, the slim ankle straps, and down the stiletto heels. They also showcase the signature Philipp Plein crystal-eyed skull rose logo.

All of these details are set not on leather or suede but on a rich black velour background. So very true to Philipp Plein’s rock and roll persona, isn’t it? And so is the staggering $2,446.25 price tag to the label’s ultra-luxe reputation.

We weren’t so sold on the expensive-ness of the pair of Philipp Plein shoes we featured before because if it weren’t for the Swarovskis, they would’ve been just regular peep-toe pumps. However, these Spider ankle-strap sandals do have something more to offer (and more to justify the price).

What do you think, are these Philipp Plein now worth the $2,000+ they’re asking for?

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