Celebrities Wearing Timberland Boots and Shoe Sizing Chart

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From the hiking trails to the red carpet, Timberlands, also known as Timbs, can be and have been worn nearly everywhere.

Timberland offers a variety of popular boots and shoes for different occasionsTimberland offers a variety of popular boots and shoes for different occasions (Credit: Pio3 / Shutterstock)

The iconic yellow leather boot has seen many iterations over its lifetime, but the brand’s story began in 1952 after founder Nathan Swarz immigrated to the United States and bought a half-interest in the Abington Shoe Company.

In 1973, the “Timberland” boot the brand is now well known for was introduced, defining the brand so much that the company was renamed after it in 1978.

Is Timberland true to size?

It depends on the specific style of Timberland shoes you are looking at. Generally, Timberland shoes are known for running true to size, but it is always recommended to check the sizing chart for the specific shoe you are interested in to ensure a proper fit.

Timberland Size Conversion Chart – Men’s Boots

Here is a chart that shows the corresponding shoe sizes in the USA, EU, UK, IN, and CM size systems for men’s Timberland boots:


Timberland Size Conversion Chart – Women’s Boots

Here is a chart that shows the corresponding shoe sizes in the USA, EU, UK, IN, and CM size systems for women’s Timberland boots:


What is so special about Timberlands?

But how did a waterproof, utilitarian work boot designed for the blue-collar working man gain international notoriety?

As with many now-iconic fashion staples, the hip-hop community helped boost Timberland into the brand they are today.

Timberlands rose to mainstream fashion fame in the 1990s as the boots gained popularity in the New York hip-hop scene.

Artists such as The Wu-Tang Clan, Tupac, and Notorious B.I.G. helped elevate the brand from a simple, waterproof work boot manufacturer into a fashion staple.

Since then, celebrities such as Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, Cara Delevingne, Kim Kardashian, and countless others have been seen wearing Timberlands.

What Timberland boots are most popular?

To this day, Timberland’s most popular style of shoe is the one that originally put them on the map: the Timberland 6-inch Premium waterproof boot.

These are the same “yellow” boots that were introduced in 1973, and the brand has made little change to the original design since its creation.

Timberland's classic waterproof yellow boots were introduced in 1973Timberland’s classic waterproof yellow boots were introduced in 1973 (Credit: Timberland)

It comes in nearly every size for both men and women, including half and wide sizes for those whose feet need closer specifications. The boot also comes in a multitude of colorways, including wheat, black, navy, dark green, medium brown, and rust.

Due to the demand for the original boot, Timberland has since created many new iterations of the style. One of the most popular of these styles is the Earthkeepers Original 6-inch boot.

Like the original Timbs, this pair is available in nearly every size under the sun. However, it comes in fewer colorways—medium brown and dark brown—and is not waterproof.

Timberland's environmentally friendly Earthkeepers boots are made with soft, premium leathers, recycled materials and anti-fatigue technologyTimberland’s environmentally friendly Earthkeepers boots are made with soft, premium leathers, recycled materials and anti-fatigue technology (Credit: Timberland)

The thing that sets the Earthkeepers apart from the original design is the material makeup, as the breathable fabric liners are created with 50% PET (recycled plastic bottles) and the outsoles contain recycled rubber.

This is a great option for someone who cares about the environment and loves a good, well-made boot. The Earthkeepers also come in a shorter, ankle-length chukka style.

Despite their influence on fashion and pop culture, Timberland still offers styles that stay true to their roots of designing work boots for those who do manual labor, work outside, or simply want to protect their feet from the elements.

A great example of this is their Pro line, which features four styles of men’s and women’s boots that look similar to the original style but are designed to be more heavy-duty.

Timberland's waterproof Pro boots are adapted for work-site survivalTimberland’s waterproof Pro boots are adapted for work-site survival (Credit: Timberland)

Each of these boots is waterproof, insulated, and features oil-resistant outsoles and a steel toe. They also come in multiple colorways, such as wheat, brown full-grain, and black.

Timberland is all about embracing the outdoors, and the brand makes this clear with a plethora of hiking boot styles to choose from.

Some styles, like the Garrison Trail waterproof hiking boots, resemble lightweight sneakers. They are great for hikers that like to keep their load light.

Other styles, like the Chocorua Trail Mid waterproof hiking boots, are the quintessential, heavy-duty leather hiking boots that protect hikers from bugs, nettles, and anything else they might encounter on a trail.

Timberland's Garrison Trail waterproof hiking boots are made with recycled material for rough terrainTimberland’s Garrison Trail waterproof hiking boots are made with recycled material for rough terrain (Credit: Timberland)

Timberland also offers hybrid designs, like the Keele Ridge waterproof hiking shoes are an amalgamation of the two earlier designs.

However, the brand also acknowledges its fashion influences and offers well-made designs for buyers who may not be as concerned about how well their boots perform outdoors or on a job site.

A great example of this is the Chelsea boot, of which Timberland offers over fifteen styles for men and women.

Resembling an equestrian boot, this style is named after the area where it first gained popularity in the Chelsea neighborhood in London, and it rose to fame in the mod era during the fifties and sixties.

Courmayeur Chelsea boots may have substantial lug outsoles, but they're surprisingly lightTimberland’s lightweight Courmayeur Chelsea boots feature substantial lug outsoles (Credit: Timberland)

For men, one of the styles Timberland offers are the Stormbuck Chelsea Boots, which are classic, black leather Chelsea boots.

Timberland also offers a modern twist on the vintage design with styles like the women’s Courmayeur Valley Chelsea boots, which feature a stacked heel and plaid detailing that comes in many colorways.

Timberland also has something to offer for people who like to stay active. Whether you’re a jogger, work out at the gym, or simply like to wear comfortable shoes, Timberland offers a wide range of effective sneakers for both performance and fashion.

Styles like the men’s Solar Wave sneakers feature a sneaker-clad in the same wheat nubuck upper the brand is known for paired with a thick foam sole made with recycled fibers, effectively pairing fashion and comfort together.

Timberland's Solar Wave mesh sneakers are made with eco-conscious materials and responsibly sourced rubberTimberland’s Solar Wave mesh sneakers are made with eco-conscious materials and responsibly sourced rubber (Credit: Timberland)

On the other hand, the women’s Atlanta Green EK+ sneakers feature a canvas upper that comes in pink, natural, and navy colorways.

It also features a flat footbed, so these shoes aren’t necessarily suited for high activity. Additionally, this style is made entirely of natural and recycled materials.

Where can I buy real Timberlands?

Because Timberland boots come in so many different styles for so many different purposes, their shoes can be purchased at a number of retailers all across the world.

Their fashion-geared shoes, such as the original style or Chelsea boots, can be purchased at retailers such as Zappos, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Farfetch, and Amazon.

Timberland’s work boots, such as the original style and Pro line, can be seen at stores like Zappos, The Home Depot, and DSW.

Of course, all of the styles mentioned in this article (and many, many more) can be purchased online at Timberland’s official website.

Scroll down to see pictures of celebrities wearing boots and shoes by Timberland, an American manufacturer and retailer of outdoor wear with a focus on footwear.

We’ll also show you how to tell fake Timberland boots, how to clean them, and the meaning of the tree logo. Perhaps you’re also looking for some outfit ideas?

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How Celebrities Style Timberland Boots

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