The Of-the-Moment ‘Retro Glam’ Loafer Pumps from Naughty Monkey

We’ve been getting a lot of high-heeled loafers with the new fall arrivals and one of the latest is this Retro Glam loafer pump from Naughty Monkey.

It’s still in the penny loafer style that many of you found too professional-looking for your taste but like it’s name suggests, it’s got a different retro feel going for it.

Most of the high-heeled loafers coming out now have thick block heels or pin-thin stilettos, but these Retro Glam pumps have an interesting chunky stacked heel that flares ever so slightly at the bottom. The leather, particularly on the brown color, reveals a slight discoloration from the burnishing. It’s little details like that that make a shoe stand out among the sea of trendy styles for us.

Of course, we gotta mention the metal plate tacked onto the toe of this loafer pump. Very Fendi-ish, don’t you think? Actually, it kind of doesn’t go with the shoe’s 70s vibe but it is a cool-looking detail.

The brown is the more retro-ish; the wine color that follows below is a bit more modern:

Naughty Monkey Retro Glam in brown, $47.99

Naughty Monkey Retro Glam in wine, $51.95

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