Pointy Shoes are Back, According to Jenni Kayne, ASH, and Other Notable Brands

Is this for real? Could this be really happening? Could pointy, platform-less heels be really making a comeback? I am finding it a little hard to believe right now, but I can’t deny what I am seeing. I guess some brands have had enough of the chunky and the round. Either that or they’re simply trying to serve the demands of customers clamoring for the sleek toe. I am certainly not sure if these shoes will take over and dominate but it’s good to see variety for a change.

Check out the brands who are going against what’s current; brands that are doing the pointy – from Jenni Kayne, to ASH, to even the more popular designer names:

Jenni Kayne Nubuck Lace Up High Heel Bootie, $525

ASH Penelope Wedge Bootie, $300

Giuseppe Zanotti Dip Side Pump, $595

Camilla Skovgaard Cuban Heel Bootie, $595

KORS Michael Kors Malden Two Tone Pump, $195

Calvin Klein Collection Kit Tapered Toe Pump, $495

Sam Edelman Portney Pump, $130

What do you think of these pumps and boots so far? Fancy any of the styles? Would you say you’re ready to take on the trend and go back to wearing your pointy heels? Or do you think this sharp toe simply needs to stay forgotten?

Before you answer, let me just tell you first that it didn’t take long for me to collate all these shoes and post it here. These are from Shopbop’s New Arrivals category alone; I bet the rest of their stocks will have a couple of pointy ones as well. I also have a strong feeling that other stores are probably stocking up on it too.

In a way, I think pointy shoes have always been there; they never went away, they just lost the attention. Whether to be happy that brands are shifting back to it is entirely up to you!

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