21 Bizarre and Crazy Shoes You Must See to Believe

Who said you need clout like Lady Gaga’s to rock some of the craziest high heels available? If you dig around the internet a little, you’ll find that plenty of outlandish, outrageous and original shoes are all within reach. You don’t need fame or tons of money — and in fact, you don’t even need to search! We’ve done the work, and have gathered 21 of the most crazy and bizarre heels you can actually buy right here.

Check out the following sculpted, twisted and doll-head-filled shoes. Dare to wear any of these pairs?

1. Julian Hakes “Mojito” twisted sandals, $390.00 at Amazon

A twisted lime peel was the inspiration for these foot-plate-less “Mojito” sandals.

Julian Hakes "Mojito" twisted sandals

Julian Hakes Mojito twisted sandals

Julian Hakes Mojito twisted sandals

2. Jeffrey Campbell “Icy” lucite wedges with Ken doll heads, £210

The version with Barbie doll heads already freaked us out. This one with Ken doll heads takes it from weird to witchcraft.

Jeffrey Campbell Icy Ken Doll Heads

3. Zaha Hadid x United Nude “Nova” shoes, $1,999.95

Architect Zaha Hadid and the inimitable United Nude collaborated on these high-tech, surprisingly light, limited-edition shoes.

Zaha Hadid x United Nude Nova shoes

4. Quimera Species “Lethe” booties, $499.95

We like to think of these skull heels as the updated version of those popular bone heels from 2010.

Quimera Species Lethe booties

Quimera Species Lethe booties 1

5. Chromat Orthogonal platform sandals, $414.95

Chromat Orthogonal platform sandals

6. Hades Footwear oxford ankle boots, $247.00 at Amazon

See more of Hades Footwear’s awesome steampunk-themed shoes.

Hades Footwear Oxford Ankle Boots

7. Martinez Lierah “Dissolving” shoes, $899.95

These remind us of the Simone Rocha plexiglass-heel oxfords that make you look like you’re perpetually on your tippy toes.

Martinez Lierah Dissolving shoes 1

Martinez Lierah Dissolving shoes

8. Jeffrey Campbell “Overdome”  ball-heel pumps, $155

Jeffrey Campbell calls these heels “ball heels,” but let’s be real — they’re eggs.

Jeffrey Campbell Overdome Ball Heels

Jeffrey Campbell Overdome Ball Heels 1

9. Abcense “Apron” sandals, $569.95

Abcense Apron sandals

10. Jeffrey Campbell “Lynked-Tie” booties, $204.95

Jeffrey Campbell takes fashion’s obsession with chains this season to another level.

Jeffrey Campbell Lynked-Tie Booties

11. Pink Crepe Dolce & Gabbana sandals decorated with pineapples

These shoes are from Dolce & Gabbana‘s tropical Spring/Summer 2017 collection.

Pink Crepe Dolce & Gabbana Sandals Decorated With Pineapples

12. ACNE “Gemini” suede leather sandal booties with rusted nail heels

ACNE Gemini Suede Leather Sandal Booties Rusted Nail Heels

13. Irregular Choice Mickey Mouse pumps, $265 at Amazon

These unique Disney shoes are from the Mickey Mouse & Friends Shoes Collection.

Irregular Choice Mickey Mouse Pumps

14. Gucci’s “Lesley” zebra-print leather and fur pumps

Gucci’s Mind–Boggling ‘Lesley’ Zebra Leather & Fur Pumps

15. Charlotte Olympia “Cherie” poodle heel platform sandals

Charlotte Olympia Cherie Poodle Heel Platform Sandals

Charlotte Olympia Cherie Poodle Heel Platform Sandals

16. High Chair Shoes

Designed to look like a modern high-chair, we’re not sure you’re actually supposed to wear them. In that sense they remind us of the scariest shoes of all time. These heels will lift your feet over 6 inches off the ground so they sit almost vertical!

High Chair Shoes

17. Mr And Mrs Clause Molded Santa Heels, $205 at Fun

The fabric covered uppers have built in LED lights that flash when walking and the toes feature appliqued Santa and Mrs Clause w/ bead details .

Mr And Mrs Clause Molded Santa Heels

Mr And Mrs Clause Molded Santa Heels

18. Scariest Shoes of All Time by Leanie van der Vyver

Scariest Shoes of All Time

19. Gun-Inspired Killer Heels With Bullet Studs

Gun-Inspired Shoes

20. ‘Up The Ante’ Dice Heel Pumps, $169.95 at Amazon

Hey high roller?” You will not be taking a gamble on these jackpot concept high heels from Irregular Choice, so lay your cards on the table and place your bets whilst giving snake eyes at these confetti glitter treats for your feet.

Irregular Choice 'Up The Ante' Dice Heel Pumps

Irregular Choice 'Up The Ante' Dice Heel Pumps

21. Camilla Elphick ‘Mocha Pez Foxy’ Heels, $1,035

Camilla Elphick’s ‘Pez’ shoes gained widespread attention from fashion editors, prompting the British designer to launch her own label. Feel part of the thrill with these mocha-coloured peep toe heels in glossy leather, featuring appliqué fox faces that rest on enamel pez dispenser heels.

Camilla Elphick 'Mocha Pez Foxy' Heels

Camilla Elphick's 'Pez' shoes gained widespread attention from fashion editors

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