What Shoes You Wear May Reveal What Personality Type You Are

We’ve always kind of known that shoes reveal a lot about the wearer but researchers at the University of Kansas have made it official: yes, you can judge a person by their shoes.

In their study, participants were shown different shoes and were asked to try to guess the wearer’s age, gender, income and certain personality traits. They were able to correctly guess an astounding 90% of the wearer’s characteristics and all that was based just on that person’s shoes!


We like to believe we’re also good judges of people just by looking at their shoes but some of the findings from this new study surprised even us.

Along with beautiful shots of people and their shoes by Tommy Ton, below are the answers to what your shoes say about you.

Do you agree or disagree with these results? Read on:

Some of the clues were obvious — like expensive shoes revealed that the wearer is a high-income earner:

The red soles are a dead giveaway

The nearly $6,000 Giuseppe Zanotti x Kanye West pearl embroidered sandals

Another obvious clue is flashy, and bold-colored footwear — these shoes show that the person wearing them is an extrovert:

Furry blue tiger-printed heels anyone?

Colorblock sandals

Practical and functional pieces mean that that person is agreeable:

Flat leather loafers for lounging around

Comfy wedge sneakers for trekking the city jungle’s streets

Ankle boots? These belong to aggressive people:

Rockin’ and ready to take on what the day brings


But uncomfortable looking shoes? Would you believe that shoes like these are actually chosen by people with calm personalities? So it’s kind of astonishing to think that Lady Gaga is actually pretty zen:

Woman-in-chandelier-shoesChandeliers on your feet

Woman-in-spiked-LouboutinsStay out of the way of these studs and spikes

Lastly, those who always have brand new and well-kept shoes are said to be always worried about their relationships and have attachment anxiety. This may be because they worry about appearances and what other people think of them.

Were these spot on for you or no?

Credit: jakandjil.com

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