Check Out How Models’ Feet Look After a Month of Shows

These pictures of the shoes from the recent Louis Vuitton Spring 2012 RTW fashion show have been making the internet rounds and sadly, it’s not because of how amazing the designs are.

It’s because they reveal the dark, ugly side of modeling, specifically how battered, bruised and broken models’ feet become after being subjected to a month of wearing too small, too big and too high shoes at different fashion shows.

Some models seem to have fared better, showing tired, overworked, but still normal-looking feet:

It starts to become worrisome when you get to these pictures showing bruises, blisters, and even patches of flaky skin on a model’s leg:

Things take a turn for the worse when these models (one of them identified as 20-year-old model Sojourner Morrell) walked the runway sporting brown, blue and yellow colors right on their feet instead of the shoes they were wearing:

Suddenly, our complaints of aching feet after a long day seem trivial.

Ladies, we’ve all sacrificed for the sake of fashion but please, do take care of your feet!

Credit: Gianni Pucci/

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