Casadei Shoes, Boots, Heels, Pumps and Sandals for Women

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Casadei, the Italian luxury shoe brand, was founded by an Italian couple in 1958. Quinto and Flora Casadei started a small workshop in San Mauro Pascoli, a commune in the Province of Forlì-Cesena in the Italian region Emilia-Romagna, and their first collection of sandals was designed for tourists holidaying on the Italian Riviera.

You can find the latest boots, pumps, and sandals at Casadei, Farfetch, and Amazon. Below are just some of our favorites!

10 Best Casadei Shoes for Women at Casadei, Farfetch, and Amazon

1. Pink Beach ‘Techno Blade’ Pumps

Pink Beach 'Techno Blade' Pumps

Pink Beach 'Techno Blade' Pumps

2. Green Arrow ‘Blade’ Heels

Green Arrow 'Blade' Heels

3. Sin City ‘Techno Blade’ Boots

Sin City 'Techno Blade' Boots

4. Plum Shade ‘Blade’ Pumps

Plum Shade Blade Pumps

5. Sensual ‘Techno Blade’ Pumps

Sensual 'Techno Blade' Pumps

6. Montana Brasil ‘Techno Blade’ Pumps

Montana Brasil Techno Blade Pumps

7. Ebony Black ‘Blade’ Pumps

Ebony Black Blade Pumps

8. Timeless Purple ‘Blade’ Pumps

Timeless Purple 'Blade' Pumps

9. Uva Cardinal ‘Blade’ Pumps

Uva Cardinal 'Blade' Pumps

10. Classic Purple Heels

Classic Purple Heels

If you’re wondering how to style your heels and sandals, check out how celebrities wore their Casadei boots and shoes!

What Celebrities Wear With Casadei Shoes

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Flat Jeweled Sandals With Luminous Butterfly in Blue, Pink and Silver

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Feminine Flora Catenassé Pumps With 3D Chain and Micro Studs

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Glittering Techno Blade Heels in Platinum, Gold Rose, Silver and Tea Rose

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Glittering Red Passion Casadei Stiletto Heels For Any Occasion

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Exotic Casadei Python-Effect Shoes With Bamboo Lamellar Sheets

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Vertiginous Crocodile Print Krokorok Flora Sandals in Golden Spice & Brown

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Totodile Sandals With Print Inspired by Tie-Dye & 3D Crocodile Scales

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